Review: My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero

My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero
My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero by Emily Harper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4 3/4 stars to five full ones. Somewhere in there. Only because Thor was mentioned as The Best Superhero?

Seriously, though. This book is exactly what I’ve been craving since last summer. A sweet, fun, no-over-the-top-sexy-times, RomCom. This is it!!! I felt warm and fuzzy with a little grin on my face. Shared a laugh here and there. Let my heart melt, ending with a happy little sigh. I want more! I want this over and over again. If it were a movie, I’d never stop watching it. (see also What’s Your Number?) I don’t think I can sing enough praises about this book.

And sorry for singing them off-key…

So Etty is this writer. She tackles historical romances…which aren’t my thing at all…but she barely sells a copy without lying or forcing someone into buying one. So she concocts this plan: Switch genres. So contemporary romance it is. The problem is, she needs to see someone find this romance, observe how it’s done, then she can write.

She enlists her lifelong friend Travis. Well, more like turned in an REALLY old favor so Travis has to…And she observes this man trying to find love. The problem? None of his dates are any good for him. In Etty’s opinion anyway.

And from there, I’m sure you all can guess what happens. I could, but you know, I think if it was any other way, I would be infuriated!

The only thing I could find wrong with this book–outside of the Thor thing…because we all know Captain America is WAY better…to me anyway–is the ending. As in it should have never ended. But what a sweet, perfect end, punctuated with a small epilogue. I couldn’t have asked for anything better to read.


*A JANU-RANDOM READ* – Absolutely off to a wonderful start this year! LOVE THIS ONE!

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