Review: Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover Volume 6: Finest Hour

Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover Volume 6: Finest Hour
Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover Volume 6: Finest Hour by Bryan Lee O’Malley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As if five stars wasn’t as predictable as the sunrise.

I started this book off as a mess. Scott Pilgrim’s world was upside down, horrible, and…I was a mess. It seemed everyone had left Scott behind. There was no more point to the story.

Except it was every point of the story. Scott had to fight for his life, not just against Gideon, the head Evil Ex who formed the League of the Seven Deadly Exes, he had to fight for his friends, for his passion, for Ramona.

In the movie, there is a moment where Ramona isn’t quite herself, sitting at Gideon’s feet while Gideon was on a throne. Well, It made no sense why I blinked and she was this whole different girl. This book clears up the confusion without issue. I get it now.

What this book also does is give a somewhat similar resolution, but an entire new story and resolution on top of that. Which I am SO THANKFUL FOR. It’s not often you get a new perspective from what you know, much less a new story or two on top of that mixed in and not just added for fluff or fanfiction side projects. On top of that, it feels like every character had a satisfactory resolution. I wonder about Julie and her +^(*%^&% thoughts about one outcome…and I think that’s the only unanswered thing. **

**NOTE: YAY ME for not spoiling it! Because that would be a major spoil.

The whole series deserves a read or twenty. I’m left smiling, laughing at new jokes, and flipping through all the wondrous images. There’s not enough praises I can say. I could go on all day about style of these books. But I won’t in an effort to make time for other things today.

I will say, yet again, this book is a MUST READ as well as the whole series. Even if you’ve seen the movie, there is so much NEW in the pages, it’s a whole new Scott Pilgrim world. (And I know I’ve said that a million times over, but it’s so true.)

The last Extras: *heavy sigh* Because I feel like there should be so much more…

It starts off with the original front page of Vol. 6 and alternate covers, showing off the limited posters you could get at CC 2012, the Sex-Bob-Bomb one I have hanging in my office, so awesome to see it here. And the various art and processes it took to make Scott Pilgrim and the colorized versions.

Wish there was more for Scott and Ramona…even if it was a quick little check-in from Toronto or somewhere out in the space/time continuum…But sadly, I have to let it end.

Thankfully, I can re-read this series whenever I want!

*A JANU-RANDOM READ* – Only the twelfth, and am on a winning-reads streak. Let’s hope it stays for a long time. My goal is not to use the DNF category this year.

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