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Warning: This might get a little fangirly. I knew that would happen if I blogged more here. Old Current habits, you know.


Current Read: Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster

This is pretty much the movie on a novel page. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m still hoping for something different to come up. Like….I don’t know…like something out of left field or something that was cut or edited out. For example: In the Ferris Bueller book, there were parts in there that was totally left out of the movie. Did you know Ferris not only had his sister, Jeannie, but also a younger brother and another younger sister? It was so odd to have that randomly placed in the book when they were never mentioned in the movie. Bright Lights, Big City, the book had a similar thing. There were quotes and parts not in the movie that, to this day, I insert them in their spot.

So that’s what I am hoping for in The Force Awakens.

This morning’s wake up read touched one of my favorite parts of the film.


We all know she’s referring to the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

That Corellian freighter has been my favorite Star Wars ship my whole life. So seeing her back in action is fantastic! Even on the page!

Yay me for not going into spoilers. And revealing the Millennium Falcon as being in the book or movie doesn’t count, because she was shown in the trailers.

#SpoilerFreeZone. I try anyway.


*~*SPOILER ALERT: This part might be spoiler-y, but it might not. I don’t see it as such because I am posting my theory and it’s not giving anything away. Ish. Maybe. Just in case. Feel free to skip to #AmWriting if you don’t want to know about Rey…*~*

So Rey. I have read and seen so many things about who she is.
Some people think she belongs to Luke, others Obi-Wan…and I hate to break it to them, but they’re wrong!

My theory–and I have quite a few people who totally agree with this–is that she belongs to Han and Leia. As in she’s their daughter.

  1.  Rey is orphaned on a planet…yes a desert one. Much like Luke. Which Luke HATED Tattooine. He did. So he would have NEVER dumped his own child out on a desert world. He would have left her somewhere like Dagoba or, if he could find one, a planet like Alderaan.
  2. Han and Leia had to put her into hiding. Why? Because Kylo Ren…BEN, as a child, was showing signs of the dark side of the force. He was gaining power faster than Leia could handle, and Luke wasn’t around. So, to protect Rey (probably not her birth name), they placed her into hiding. Because Ben/Kylo Ren kills her, he absorbs or gains her force powers and he’ll be way too strong for anyone to defeat.
  3. As Han flew her to Jakku, he taught her EVERYTHING about the Falcon and mechanics. She knew that ship so well. Like second nature. Rey knew of the hiding spots in the floor, which Han made those himself for smuggling purposes back in the day. The only way she could have known about them was if Han told her. Or Lando, but I don’t trust him, still. Rescuing Han from Jabba’s palace or not.
  4. Did you see the way Princess Leia hugged her? That was a ” My child came back home” sort of hug and not just an “I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through” hug. That moment, right there, has me fully convinced.
  5. Chewy doesn’t warm to anyone easily, and yet with her…I can’t…I’ll cry.
  6. Rey can totally have force powers because of Leia. Just because Leia wasn’t trained in the ways of the Jedi doesn’t mean her powers are crap. Look who Leia’s father is/was. Being Luke’s twin, I imagine her powers are just as great.
  7. In the original canon, Han and Leia had three kids, one dark side, one normal human, and one light side. And we are force-told to FORGET the original canon…”This isn’t the canon you’re looking for…” I’m telling you, they are stressing that way too much in a magician’s effort to distract. Here look at this hand over here so you can’t see the truth over there: Rey is Han and Leia’s daughter!

I’m going to leave my theorizing there for now. I could seriously go on all day long about this and, really, Star Wars in general…And Captain America (Chris Evans Version)…

Which, by the way, I am not liking the way they’re making CAPTAIN AMERICA: Civil War an Iron Man Affair. It’s NOT Iron Man 4…

Now that that is off my chest.


I have figured out a way to extend this story by two chapters! I’m so happy I get a little more time with my characters.

I’ve also decided to uphold my resolution about putting my work out there more. So…with this story, that I am totally writing for myself and no one else, I am going to post it here after I copyright it…and after my two most trusted say if it sucks or not. So, yeah. I wasn’t planning on publishing this one anyway.Unless something comes up and I can enter it into something, it’ll live here or Wattpad or Tumblr or all of the above.


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