A side project.

Last night, in the middle of the night, I posted a pic of Captain America‘s shield on my Tumblr… Stating that it was the inspiration for a little project that I would share today.

The project has nothing to do with writing, though I did think a lot about stories–past, present, and future–as I worked. It was also something to keep me busy as I continue to binge watch Pretty Little Liars (Last few episodes of season five right now; i swear i’ve not yelled at a television screen so much before in my life!)…

My hands get cold often. Especially in this drafty house during the cold rainy days we have here in the Pacific Northwest.  I have arm warmers I made back when Alice Cullen had a pair in New Moon, but people in this house keep stealing them or losing the ones I’ve made. I like them as opposed to gloves, because I can still type, write, draw, mess around on my iPad or phone without hindrance. And well, my “Chris Evans is the only allowable Captain America” fangirl stage is kicking in SUPER STRONG with the trailers coming out for Captain America: Civil War. And I wanted something that no one else has. And it hit me.

 Captain America’s shield as arm warmers!

I started looking for patterns (free or pay) online and found that NO ONE has anything like it. Which means I HAD to have them even more. The problem came with the fact I am VERY limited in my ability to knit. I taught myself years ago (turns out it’s left handed going in a right handed direction? IDK) so I had some knowledge of what to do going into this project.

But, this project had a major learning curve. Not only did I have to learn how to change colors, I had to learn knitting in stripes so it looks good as you go around. Then I had to draw out a star pattern so that the star was fatter than thin, would be upright if I were walking, and slightly askew if my arm was up. On top of that, the star was going to require me to learn how to change colors and knit in a colorblock format…which is the most difficult thing I’ve had to figure out…and I probably still did it wrong…and after taking one whole one apart because I wasn’t happy with it…

The end result…I’m proud of them. Which is why I am showing it off, something I don’t typically do with my projects.

So without further ado, my Captain America arm warmers…

They measure 23″ long (just 2″ short of the actual shield Mr. Evans uses in the movie…my arms aren’t that long).

The colors are perfect for Civil War.

I have officially chosen my side now. As if it wasn’t obvious before.

What’s yours?


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All images are mine, but Cap’s shield image, which I found through google searching last December.


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