Time to start editing!

(said like Richard Dawson in The Running Man)

(Turns out, I say a lot of things like that.)

So yesterday, I finished Wings. Which worked out exactly how I planned it…
which, IMO, is THE PERFECT ROMCOM this side of Playing It Cool.
I am over the moon thrilled with it!


But there isn’t too much time to celebrate.
I’m considering #PitchWars at the end of February with this one. (And if Wings doesn’t fly there, then Wattpad, this blog, and tumblr it is!)
Mostly because I deem it that perfect timeline and content wise. I really wouldn’t change a thing about it.
But I still have to venture into edit h-e-double-hockey-sticks…

…because I know, the faster I type–on this story some days I’d get almost six thousand words done before the afternoon hit–the more I know my word selection sucks, the more I tend to repeat things, the more it needs to be fixed.

My typical game plan is getting tossed out of the window.

I’m not going to read it from beginning to end as I edit. I already know it from beginning to end and am in love. If I start reading it, in order, I’m going to wind up reading it instead of concentrating on the edits I need to do. (see also Human Touch and Love, Darrows.) I don’t have the time to for a full read through until it’s a few days out from #PitchWars. So I’m going to randomly choose a chapter or two or three a day and concentrate on the edits. And hopefully I’ll get the manuscript done in time.

Otherwise, it will be ready for online publishing in some format by the end of February!

I’m über excited about this one!!! Okay…one more happy dance!!!


Hurry up and read it, kiTT! I wanna talk about  it!!! And, please, let me know if you hates, too.


Oh, Rick’s Chick and kiTT…you know that A&M gif has me thinking of McClane chunking the ball to Jaden for that last-minute win, right?


The post is filed under editing hell.

All gifs used were found on giphy.com.


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4 responses to “Time to start editing!

  1. Kitt here. Did you really just say it is as perfect a RomCom as Playing it Cool AND NOT What’s your Number? I’m kind of shocked by that. Is PiC based on a book?

    Happy Editing! May the Editing Force be with You as you take your light saber to the words!


    • I’m not skipping over What’s Your Number? Never ever would I do that. But, What’s Your Number? came out in 2011 and Playing it Cool came out in 2014. So chronologically, I have to go with the newer RomCom that I REALLY LIKE. (Which it also beats out Crazy, Stupid, Love…chronologically)…and that is all I’m saying. This is post What’s Your Number? post Playing It Cool…and nothing romcommy since has been that great. It’s a drought, which is why Wings fills that space for me.

      Did any of that make sense?

      I haven’t seen nor heard of a book for Playing It Cool. I’d read it if it was, though. Let me know if you hear…

      The editing forces are…in hiding. The First Order is being a real b*tch. But, I have managed to get four random chapters done so far! I’ve probably upped my word count by a few hundred, but I have a twenty thousand word buffer where I will still be okay. (the first draft is at 64,620 and I don’t want more than 85,000 for the absolute final…)


  2. kitt

    And yes, to A&M and Jaden. I “see” references everywhere too.


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