Review: Need

Need by Joelle Charbonneau
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Pretty Little Liars meets Stephen King’s Needful Things with a modern twist.

What do you NEED?

One day a simple social networking site, much like Twitter or Facebook, pops online asking that very question. One student asks for something he “needs” and gets it, without thought or question as to why this expensive thing is free. So he tells someone and they tell someone…and you know.

Well, Jack’s brother, Nate, overhears and hacks his brother’s account and sends himself an invitation to the site. He goes into the site and asks for an A on a future test. To fulfill his “need” he has to invite four friends to the site. He immediately thinks of his best friend, Kaylee.

The [MC] Kaylee, is told by Nate to accept his request. She does, and the site asks, “What do you NEED?” And Kaylee inputs the one thing she’s been searching for this past year–a kidney for her brother. It’s hers, but all she has to do is invite five people to the site.

But once everyone in Nottawa High School in Wisconsin is invited, what does one do to get their “NEED” fulfilled?

And that’s where it all goes berserk!

The things required were outrageous, but then what do you expect to do when you’re getting a laptop for free or cell phone…or concert tickets…*Needful Things*…The site preys on the greed teens have in this town in wintry Wisconsin. And because the “need” is so prevalent, they’re asked to do some OUTRAGEOUSLY INSANE tasks…*Pretty Little Liars*…before their “NEEDS” are met.

You should know that this switches out of the first person POV of Kaylee Dunham to third person POV of the various students of Nottawa HS. In the recent past, I’ve complained about that very thing…it was uncomfortable in a RomCom. But with NEED, it was done very well, and it kept the story going. Much more pleasant to read…though I still have the issue of the first to third change. (personal taste is all)


The events pique one’s interests, the twists keep one on their toes…and don’t expect to guess what’s coming because you might be wrong. I will say a lot of the answers for the BIG FINISH came a little too soon for me, hence the one star deduction. But, I’m sitting at the end of this trying to determine if it’s truly the end or what? It seems like there’s room for more, though not with Nottawa.


*A JANU-RANDOM READ* – February is quickly approaching and I need a theme!

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