Review: Rocket Raccon, Vol. 1: A Chasing Tale

Rocket Raccon, Vol. 1: A Chasing Tale
Rocket Raccon, Vol. 1: A Chasing Tale by Skottie Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, Rocket…You squirrely racoon you!

This book was brilliant! The art was adorable and fun! And the Groot comic is PURE WIN!

Okay, for most of this book, we get to experience Rocket Racoon on a mission, running from the law, escaping prison…confronting an olf flame or thirty. The humor was so Guardians of the Galaxy perfect. The images were brightly colored and some very CUTE! And I couldn’t stop reading! And re-reading!

After Rocket sets the world(s) straight, he and Groot take a few intergalactic scouts on a camping trip. Like all camping trips, there are some stories by the fire…and it’s Groot’s turn to tell a tale. “I am Groot” was the perfect story, more told through images than anything. Laughter was falling from me as well as tears. It was THE BEST!

And a perfect way to come down from such hilarity was Rocket’s adventure with Space Dog Cosmo. And a big giant robot that talks binary….Imagine “I am Groot” but in Robot…Hilarious!

I haven’t enjoyed a graphic novel like this since Usagi Yo Jimbo. I LOVED IT! If I could dish out more stars, I so would!

*A JANU-RANDOM READ* – searching for more of these now. One of the best Christmas gifts of 2015!

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