Review: Nimona

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the first moment Lord Ballister Blackheart encounters a squire girl, Nimona, one of the best knight and dragon tales I’ve ever read takes off.

Not because Nimona forces herself on Blackheart, although that was fantastically hilarious, this story wasn’t ever going to follow the typical tales. Nimona, herself, reminds me a lot of Ramona Flowers. It’s that unique, I-will-do-my-hair-as-I-please, sort of girl. And the changing hair. But, Nimona takes her quirks and uses them as she sees fit while helping Blackheart in his evil doing.

There’s science to be had. A wonderful randomness without the actual sciences, plus shape-shifting, dragons, fires…and try-not-to-killing people as they try to outrun the good or evil (depending on who you ask) Institute of Law Enforcement and Heroics and their primary player Goldenloin…*tears from laughing* that name…

What an adventure! While Nimona’s story and how she came to be is the primary tale, there is also the backstory of Blackheart and Goldenloin which pulls through to the end. So much humor, so much heart…I don’t think I’ve read something like this before.

Can’t say enough about Nimona! Everyone should read this and experience an epic tale nothing like Merlin but as modern day as flatscreen monitors and newscasts. EPIC WIN! Oh, and a few extra bonuses, too–two Christmas bonuses and Nimona character sketches.

I have the hardback version. I’ve heard the Kindle version is difficult to read because you cannot enlarge it, though other graphic novels I have for Kindle can be enlarged–with both Kindle and the iPad app. I’m half willing to try it out.

Here’s hoping there’s more Nimona to come!!!

*A JANU-RANDOM READ* Another win!!!

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