Review: The Oddfits

The Oddfits
The Oddfits by Tiffany Tsao
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a tough one to review. I’m really torn between five and three stars overall. I may wind up changing it to four?

An oddfit is someone who doesn’t fit into the Known World. Someone who parents can’t stand, who keeps a minimum of friends…a lost soul, if you will.

This is true for Murgatroyd Floyd. A young man born in Singapore to British ex-pats, raised in this melange of mingling countries. He’s as pale and blond as a ghost. He speaks local Singapore slang, and really couldn’t see his life going anywhere. Despite that, he has a giant heart, was happy in his job as a waiter for one of the city’s most popular restaurants, and had a best friend who was more an older brother.

Life, though, tried over and over to keep him down. From the time he was an awkward lad constantly getting beat up in school to the untimely death of his adopted Uncle Yusef to the current, it was difficult for Murgatroyd to find anywhere to fit in.

Murgatroyd just dealt with what life handed him.

Until one day he meets a woman with a patch. And he realizes that life isn’t as we always perceived…there is more…The More Known World. Which is technically an oxymoron since so much isn’t known about that place. Which is why the oddfit’s explore it, learn new territories, live solitary lives performing their duties in The Quest.

And Murgatroyd wants in.

This story gets full stars for the uniqueness of tackling the subject of why someone doesn’t fit into their life. VERY IMAGINITIVE! The writing is like poetry sometimes, and sometimes it gets a little meandering on subjects that, at this point, I can’t see being of any importance…but then this is only the beginning.

That’s right. This book is only the first piece of Murgatroyd’s story. As in life up until he makes the choice between staying in the Known World and possibly becoming a Sumfit–normal humans who misunderstand the Oddfits–or accepting that he is different, and this difference has a purpose and reason.

Had I known it was part one, I would have saved it for later. It also makes this story hard to write about because it’s like someone hit the pause button on the DVR and hit the remote so I cannot finish the movie! UGH! I feel like I’m missing out. And I’m going to have to wait for over a year (hoping for sooner, but probably won’t be any sooner) to find the remote and unpause my show.

Hence the three for now. I may comeback and change it when I get book two…I mean, it was creative and so unique a story…I just cannot judge a half of a book, a third of a book, or whatever book one will be in the end.

I’d recommend this, but really, I’d say wait until Feb 2017 for part 2.

*A JANU-RANDOM READ* – Last book of the month…I enjoyed it…but I truly need more.

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