Review: Operation – S.I.N.: Agent Carter

Operation - S.I.N.: Agent Carter
Operation – S.I.N.: Agent Carter by Kathryn Immonen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

More like 4.5 to 4.75 stars for me.

WARNING/CONFESSION: I am EXTREMELY bias when it comes to Captain America and Peggy Carter together. They are my fangirl FOREVER SHIP! I can’t help it, really. I want them to have their dance…just one…

My pic of the comic

I’ll take a kiss.

That being said, and probably not aside, I really enjoyed this Agent Carter! Except the blonde hair…

It’s the 1950s. Peggy Carter is in retirement(?) or something like it, because as they describe her as having been with S.H.I.E.L.D., having been a romantic liaison of Captain America, and a liaison of Howard Stark, and there is a STRESSED non-romantic note in her file concerning him. And there is something going on in Russia.

Peggy and Howard run to Russia and discover alien technology, alien beings assimilating into human life (even appearing as human), and a secret Hydra base utilizing this information for their own gains.

Stupid, Hydra. They should know better than to tangle with Peggy Carter by now.

This was a great graphic novel story that seems to fit in more with the MCU canon…maybe even pointing towards the inhumans in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. story line (which I hope bleeds into Captain America 3, though I’m not sure they’ll do it this time.) The banter between Howard and Peggy does not disappoint, pretty much on par with the television show and First Avenger.

The only mark against this story (and it’s somewhat a minor one) is that the story itself feels a little wandering towards the middle of the last half. Peggy and Howard barely show and the story takes on a different feel. That’s my only complaint.

Now, in the back of this, after Operation S.I.N., there is an Agent Carter and Captain America story of them working together in Paris during WWII…Cherchez le femme! I DIED reading this. Peggy and Cap! *happy sighs* She picks on him, he’s this adorkably awkward guy when it comes to her. Their banter is always THE BEST. And when Cap is fighting, he is the keen soldier I know and love.

My pic of the comic

But really, it was the perfect story for them. Just so STEGGY awesome all the way! If only they had their dance…

Definitely worth a read if you enjoy Agent Carter and/or if you are shipping Team Steggy. I rec this with all my heart.

*Shelving in my Absolute Favorites section*

*A SHORTY FEBRUARY READ* – Not really a short story, but the short graphic novel of Peggy and Cap makes it count…because I say.

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All images are mine, pics from my book, snapped with my phone. No copyright infringement intended…just have to share in the Steggy Love.


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