Review: Cinder

Cinder by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I want to stand here and forgo a review and just scream at the top of my lungs, “I knew it!”

This book is a fun reimagining of Cinderella. Cindy meets Cyborgs in New Beijing, China in the far distant future. It was fun and just a really unique twist on the original tale…that I think we can all admit is a little old by now. (Though it’s a classic for a reason. I adore it, but I like a twist here and there.)

So Cinder Linh (Linh Cinder in China) is a mechanic? I didn’t prefer that term for her. She was a fix-it all sort of girl who wore oil stained pants instead of dresses, and dots of grease on her forehead instead of makeup. Oh, and she’s partial robotics…so a cyborg. Just don’t let anyone else know. Really, a simple girl in a highly complicated world.

Where to go from there? I could talk about Prince Kai bringing his old droid to her in the marketplace to fix and how he flirts with her, though he’s royalty and she’s common. There’s the disease running rampant throughout the planet called letumosis…even the emperor of the commonwealth isn’t immune. There’s the Dr. who is desperately searching a cure through testing on cyborgs. Or I can talk Lunars…Ugh…Queen Levana.

She is very much like the Evil Queen in Snow White…but with powers to alter her image, to alter others’ minds, to make sure she gets her way. And that includes getting Prince Kai to agree to marry her.

There is also an evil “step-mother” sort and two step-sisters. No cute mice but a small robot named Iko who is as curious and innocent as those little creatures and is Cinder’s best friend for all intents and purposes. Even a “shoe” that all Cinderella’s need.

And the best part of any Cinderella story, The Royal Ball and a dance with the Prince. But this twist had all kinds of weird…let’s go with events for lack of wanting to bring about spoilers.

This is really a horrible review for such a great book. But I feel like no matter what I say about what character or what event, I’d spoil the whole thing.

Oh well…onto book 2 and Scarlet with a Wolf.

*A SPRING INTO A SERIES READ* – March’s Book one of six(?) complete.

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