The new Captain America Civil War Trailer came out today…

…and to celebrate, I am going to share part two of my “Keep those hands from being idle” project.

To set the mood:

 In case you don’t know, I do have a collection of odd hats. The majority of them ear flap hats. I have Regular Show (Mordecai and Rigby), Adventure Time (Finn & Jake…well, I gave Jake to someone…Fionna, & Cake), a Finding Nemo clown fish, a unicorn, several monkeys (sock, rainbow, normal)…sufficed to say, I have a TON of hats. More than a normal adult should. The one hat I’ve spent almost five years searching for but could never find was a Captain America hat. And I got tired of searching.

Last November, I taught myself to crochet. Well enough that I was able to make a baby Chewbacca. (He’s so cute.) I figured if I could do a Chewy, I could make a hat. After a TON of googling, I found different patterns for hats and one for a Cap Cap on Etsy…but I didn’t like the ear flaps on that one, plus I didn’t want the face mask part…and it didn’t have the braids, which is my favorite part about ear flap hats. So I combined two patterns, added my own twists, and made myself the holy grail of hats.

Captain America!

It wasn’t easy, but once I figured out what I had to do and how to do it, three days from start to finish with only two take aparts when I wasn’t happy with it. (OCD Perfectionist) And I LOVE my original Captain America hat!

The wings aren’t sewn down, because I like the fact they can flutter in the wind. Much like my other hats all have ears that do the same thing.

I did fall asleep in my hat the other day so one of the wings sticks out sorta weird now.
But that’s okay.
Every angel on earth had to have suffered a broken wing at some point…
and I think Cap’s is coming…I’m just supporting Chris Evans’ Cap as best and for as long as I can.


Part i of my crafty kick can be found here: {Captain America Shield arm warmers}
Part iii of my crafty kick coming soon…


The Marvel Trailer is linked from their official YouTube channel {here}.

The images are mine.

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