Review: Cress

Cress by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favorite of the Lunar Chronicles so far.

Much like Eclipse, it’s the third book of the series. I tend to like them the most (I think HP was the exception being I loved #4 there). Maybe it’s because I pretty much know everyone and the learning curve is so tiny, I can sit back and enjoy the story and fall even more for my favorite characters, boo the ones I despise, and try to like certain others…


Poor Crescent Moon was trapped in a satellite like Rapunzel in a much higher tower. She’s Leavana’s hacker, hider, and all around spy. Sybil is her go between and torturer. And one day, Cress just gets tired of it all. She wants someone else to win…and does her best to ensure it.

Meanwhile, Cinder and her entourage–Iko, Captain Thorne, Wolf, and Scarlet–are trying to devise a plan, trying to survive, trying to decide whether they can trust Cress enough to pull off a rescue and eventual overthrow of Levana.

The rundown of not even half a book. I’m surprised I didn’t spill the beans about something major and kept it brief. Except…

I think, for me, Captain Thorne wins this all over again. (Those smart alecky guys characters, see also, Emmett and Four) It’s Han Solo in a different story…

Like the sun rising over Earth’s horizon, her perception began to change. Carswell Thorne wasn’t a heartless scoundrel at all. If anyone bothered to get to know him, they would see that he was compassionate and chivalrous.

And if that doesn’t describe Han as well as Thorne, then I don’t know. I do know he keeps me laughing and guessing…and hoping. I need my “Carswell Thorne’s Fangirl” shirt like stat.

Overall, this story was a unique blend of fairy tales sent into the distant future. Even while sticking to some of the original tales plot for the characters, it twists the old into something new and unseen and so very enjoyable.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, we get to meet Winter in this book. Not the season, but another Lunar princess. She’s a little like…oh…let’s say Mad Hatter and Snow White had a baby girl…She would be Winter. From what I can gather so far of her brief appearances so far. I can’t wait to read Winter just as soon as I am done with Fairest.

Until then, happy reading!

*A SPRING INTO SERIES BOOK – MARCH* I think this series [so far] is a pure win!

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