Review: Fairest

Fairest by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to take a star off because there was no Captain Thorne in this story at all.

No, seriously. It’s not bad enough I went into this hating Levana as much as I do, but this was a tough read. (And I thought the original Grimm Tales were bad.) I’m in desperate need of some smart-assery and a laugh or two that only Thorne can provide.

Love is a conquest. Love is a war. Here is what I think of love.

This is a very short tale of how Levana, Queen ruler of Luna, came to be. It’s Maleficient meets the Evil Queen meets…I don’t know. A very sad depressive story.

It starts off with a funeral. The King and Queen had been murdered and Channary (I’m sorry if I’m misspelling it) and Levana are in mourning. Channary is the older sister (early 20s) who inherits the crown. Levana is the sixteen-year-old younger sibling who will never be queen.

Except she becomes queen, as the previous Lunar Chronicles have taught us.

In the previous books, I read what a great queen Channary was. How she was Luna’s best queen ever! And as I read this, I kept thinking: This is what they consider the best queen for the throne? Luna, Luna, Luna…You all don’t know what’s what.

Channary was a Class-A B***h! No joke. She was so horrible, it evoked a sympathy for Levana and I felt for her. Never thought that would happen. But yeah, I have to say it now…


Thankfully, it was an on and off thing. Then off…a lot of off…but then the one secret Levana’s been hiding is revealed, and I almost cried for her. So back on. I really can’t stand her, but that was horrible. Sh may have been a different person had this life altering event never happened…

But, let me say, WOW! There were so many details I didn’t understand until I read this. I thought about Evret, Levana’s husband and Winter’s dad, as an entirely different man than what he was. My heart broke for him. There was more to Winter’s life that we didn’t know. There was more to Selene’s (Linh Cinder) life as princess…and I sort of hoped Levana’s murder attempt was an accident. There was more about Jacin and who he really is to Winter and his life as a child.

Honestly, I enjoyed this. Even if it was so sad. Again, Thorne to the rescue? No. But so worth the read if you’re really enjoying the series. It does add a lot to the overall experience rather than just standing alone on the sidelines.

*A SPRING INTO SERIES READ – MARCH* Can’t believe this series is almost over.

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