Review: Winter

Winter by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow. Let me try to review this book without giving anything away from it or The Lunar Chronicles Series as a whole (though I do have one book remaining to read: Stars Above)

Great story. Love the characters. Read it.

There, that wasn’t so tough. Of course it’s a rotten way to review such a brilliant tale. Now for the real review that I am going to try and not to spoil anything.

I HATE Levana, the Lunar Queen. She was despicable. I wanted to slap her, pull her hair out, and scream at the top of my lungs. But, that being said, what’s a fairy tale without the extreme villain. And what’s a villain without something that will make you feel for them. (The other Lunars made me do it….Um…it’s was Channary’s fault!) Well done from beginning to end.

Emperor Kaito, Kai, redeemed himself in my eyes. It’s about time I could side with him again. Haven’t felt this proud of him since somewhere in the first book back when he first met Cinder.

Cinder…oh, I wish I could just spill it all. Of everything she’s done–not on in this story, but all of them–I love that she has her quirks. The smudges of something on her clothing, face, hair that’s not quite perfect. So relatable. She was a great character to back and root for. I really enjoyed her turn in life taken in Winter. I’m left with a proud smile.

Iko was the odd girl out for me. Being that she was robot turned android…She maintained her “fangirly” ways from beginning to end, also keeping with her devoted friend role. I don’t think CInder would have made it sometimes without Iko at her side.

Jacin…I’m not quite sure what to think about him. Yes, most of what I’ve read made him feel cold and uncaring, though he wasn’t the same person when Winter was around. That was the person I wanted him to be all the time with everyone. I’m not sure if I like him or not.

Winter was the perfect Snow White. She was tortured by her evil queen of a step-monster, Levana. She had Scarlet and Jacin, but that didn’t keep the hallucinations away. Her story was touch and go for a while there…and I’m talking all the way to about the tail-end of the book. I still have questions about her…

Wolf…poor, poor Wolf. Ze’ev. I feel like he never had a shot. That this whole world (well, Earth and Luna) was against him this whole time. The one who repeatedly broke my heart, especially in this tale. Maybe I even sprouted a few tears…I’m glad, though, that he didn’t let the circumstances engulf him completely. I’m glad he went with his gut and fought for what he believed in his heart. I LOVED HIM SO MUCH!

Scarlet. As stubborn as she is awesome. Yeah, she’s had some rough patches over the past few books, and this book was no exception. She proved herself time and time again. No matter the odds, she never gave up.

Cress. Dear sweet hacker that she is. I think I enjoyed her story line more than the rest. (Could be because of Thorne?) But, while Thorne and her paths cross, I think she was the character who seemed to grow the most, going from lonely captive into a person of trust and action, even if it scared her to death. It was fun watching her learn and change for the better.

Thorne. GAH! I LOVE HIM SO VERY MUCH!!! Still, to date, my favorite character in this series. If I could only ever read his story over and over throughout the end of time, I would do so and enjoy every single word. He makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me gasp when something happened…and then I couldn’t find out the outcome for so very long…and I was going insane with worry…and…and…

I can’t say it. Spoiler!!!

While Winter isn’t my absolute favorite of the series (that title still belongs to Cress), there is just so much to love about this retelling of Snow White smashing into Rapunzel, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. I’m glad I finally read this series. I am blown away. I can almost say for a fact that I LOVE this tale more than the originals. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this series. SO VERY MUCH!

I honestly bought the books because of the cover art–the colors and imagery–(Yes, I do judge my books by the covers most times) but as I read, I found myself loving the characters more and more. Just an ingenious way to take something as old as time and make it into something as unique as a fingerprint. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot say enough about it.

And I still need that CAPTAIN CARSWELL THORNE’S FANGIRL t-shirt. He was seriously brilliant and so hilarious.

Now, if this is made into a movie (movies), then they had better not screw it up. And they’d better pick someone awesome to play Thorne. (That is all on that.)

One book remains, though the actual series has ended. Here’s hoping for more Thorne and Cress…and of course the rest…except Levana…Bleh.

*A SPRING INTO SERIES READ – MARCH* : Another great book found through the love of the cover art. (see also The Night Circus)

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2 responses to “Review: Winter


    I read Cinder a while ago, but what with the whole hype surrounding Winter, I think I’ll need to read it again O_O XD Great review!


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