“Hey, 6B.” – Chapter 5.

Story Summary: Bucky is on a Mission: Find out about his past and try to remember the Man in Blue. His “mission” takes him to Boston where he meets the fun and flirty, Colin Shea. With Colin’s help, he might just find all the answers he’s been searching for…but he also might find love. With outside pressures, Bucky has to decide between remaining in the dark and staying with Colin or going after the man who haunts his nightmares.

Crossover: What’s Your Number? meets Captain America: Winter Soldier/The Avengers/Captain America: Civil War (more the movies and less the books or graphic novels)

Rating: R if this was a movie. MA if it was a TV show. Mature on Archive of Our Own. Not rated on Tumblr. There is some LGBTQ/slash sexual situations, though nothing erotic. It’s a simple Rated-R romcom. No porn. (Think along the lines of Wings meets Love, Darrows, kiTT.) As Cap would say: Language! Because yes, there is some language and double entendres. Not so much violence as of now.

Genre: RomCom/Action

Chapter word count: 1,413

Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Colin Shea, Natash Romanov “Nancy Rushman”, Daisy Darling, OFC Dane

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their original creators. There is no copyright infringement intended. This is all done in fun and love for my favorite movies. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

Notes:  Already over half done typing this out into Word. Yay. Posting this today instead of tomorrow because tomorrow will be reading theme day. It’s odd how much I love this story. But then, it is sort of my crack ship… I mean Peggy and Steve will be forever, but Buck and Colin are way too cute together.

Now, on with Bucky’s story…





Life at See you Latte is boring and redundant. Day two travels along like day one. Burnt coffee keeps me in cash register land while Dane mans the Stark 5000. Incorrect names are becoming the norm. A lot of the same faces all ordering the same drinks from the day before. A few new people order simple combinations.

The one new: Amanda from Bova Bakery down the street restocks our pastries.

“Where do I know you from?” a sultry voice asks.

Shit. My heart stops mid-beat and I lift my gaze from the register screen to find a pair of green eyes studying me like a treasure map. Her pouty, berry tinted lips quirk up into a soft smile, but I can sense the danger underneath her tranquil exterior. Like if I made one wrong move, she’d have me in a reverse choke hold and I’d be begging for my life before I could even blink.

Natasha. But today, she’s wearing a light grey pants suit with a frilly, low-cut, ivory blouse. Her red hair is pulled back into a tight bun. Black-framed glasses rest on the end of her nose. All power. All controlling. But definitely, dangerously feminine.

“Do I?” I ask in a dead tone as I sink my attention back to the screen behind so my bangs can fall like a curtain and hide my face. My insides feel like they’re in a blender. Electricity in my nerves sends my mind into overdrive. Exits—three, one front, one rear, one side. Gun tucked into the self-made pocket in my jacket. My metal hand clenches and unclenches, ready to throw a powerful punch if need be.

I’m overreacting. There’s no need to start a civil war over an assumption.

“What would you like to drink today…I’m sorry. I forgot your name.”


Not Natasha today. Huh. Civil war looms in the near future after all.

Her drumming fingernails click against the counter as she places an order for a simple latte and a cinnamon roll. All the while, her eyes are plastered to my head. She’s a black widow waiting for her prey to succumb to the web of lies she’s laying.

She slides her chip card into the reader and utters “Really familiar” under her breath.

Temptation is begging me to write “Natasha” on the cup, but I don’t want her knowing her cover is blown. So I quickly scribble “Nancy” on the cup in the most illegible handwriting and hand the cup to Dane. The transaction completes, the register spitting out the receipt. I hand her the receipt and one of the fresh cinnamon rolls on a plate. “See you latte.”

The woman’s eyes take another pass over my bangs and she moves to the end of the counter to wait for her drink. For now, I am free. But if she shows again, acting as odd, laying another cover on me, I’ll have to move on from Boston. Missions complete or not.

“Excuse me? I’d like a tall mocha Valencia with foam, no whip.”

I push the order on the screen, still keeping my focus away from the red-head. “Name?”

“Are you sure you saw him in the ring store, Sheila? Eddie Vogel? My Eddie?”

Slightly lifting my head, I peer at the blonde. She’s standing stiff and tall as though she’s military, though her expensive red dress warns of an uptight socialite.

I clear my throat and ask slightly louder, “Name?”

“Hold on, Sheila.” Her hand covers the lower half of the phone in her hand and she says, “Daisy.”

“You know, Daisy, a cannoli would go great with that Valencia.”

Daisy rolls her eyes and swipes her card.

Colin peeks around her. “No?”

I hand her the receipt and scribble “Crazy” on the cup and hand it to Dane. He glances at the name. “Love it. You’re on fire today, Bucky.”

“Hey. 6B.” Colin leans his elbow on the top of the register. His head lobs my way, flirtatious grin in full force.

“Colin. What can I get you?” A bland response in comparison, but at least I can talk this time.

“Latte for…” Dane’s eyebrows lift skyward. The cup tilts my way and he asks, “What is this name, Bucky?”

“Latte for Nancy?” the red-head asks, eyes flicking to me.

I nod and Dane hands her the drink. “Did you see the look in her eye? Next time print legibly so I can read the wrong name.” He shifts his attention to Colin. “Are you going to order something today? Or are you going to keep flirting with the best morning cashier I’ve ever had and wind up chasing him away, too?”

Keeping his lazy posture, Colin asks Dane, “Jealous that I’ve never flirted with you?”

Dane grunts and turns to start the Mocha Valencia. Colin stares at me, a kid caught with his hand in the penny candy jar and no money in his pockets.

“What’s with him?” I ask Colin, opting for a less accusatory question.

Colin beckons me to come closer by folding and unfolding his finger. I lean in and catch his freshly showered scent over the aroma of coffee. “He fired me.”

“You were fired?”

“I may or may not have roasted the size of his tiny beans one morning after he wrote me up for sleeping with the other barista in the back of the shop.”

Okay then. New subject. “Today’s drink is on me.”

He licks his lower lip and says, “Thanks, Buck. I owe you one.”

I’m sure I can think of a million and one ways for him to repay me. The cup gets a quick scribble and set on the counter for Dane.

“Are you working tomorrow?” Colin asks.

I glance at Dane and he shakes his head. “Nope. Off all day.”

“Why don’t you come over and we’ll hang out?”

“Will Lindsey be there?”

He stiffens like an animal on alert. “Who?”

“Your girlfriend?”

Colin’s eyes crinkle shut as a riotous laugh booms from him. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Then who was…” He leans over the counter, leering like a hunter and I’m the hunted. “No strings, remember?” A long pause passes where I hear nothing but my heart stomping in my ears and the only scent is Colin. “Buck,” drags out for a long beat.

Mission three may have just been prioritized to mission one.

With a quick quirk of his left eyebrow, Colin utters, “I’ve got band practice. I’ll see you later,” and then he leaves as though he wasn’t just flirting with me.

As Colin exits the store, I notice the red-head mumbling to herself—possibly into a com—eyes glued to me. I forgot all about her when he showed. Forgot to hide my face.

Was he really flirting with me? Or is he with…the randomly named red-head over there?

I drop down and start arranging the pastries in the counter, filling holes and neatening display plates. My pulse pounds in my veins when I spy the pants on the other side of the glass.

Using the squeakiest voice I have, I say, “We’re out of pumpkin bread, Dane.”

“Go grab some from the back, would you?” Dane answers.

“I was about to order,” the black widow says in her raspy, sexy voice.

“Just go get those pumpkin breads, I can handle this,” Dane says and starts asking the red-head what she wants.

Keeping low, I turn and walk a few paces before standing tall and bolting in the fastest calm walk I can manage. I shove the swinging door open and dart inside the back room. The door swings outward and I press myself against the wall next to it. After a few more swings the door stills. I peer through the space between the door and the wall and watch as the red-head and Dane interact, no order being taken, and she leaves.

With no customers, Dane opens the door and sees me pressed against the wall. “You don’t have to be so shy about it Bucky. The girl likes you.”

A white card is offered to me. I take it from him. He claps my shoulder like a proud father then goes back to man the front of the store.

The card in my hand flips a few times before I bother to read the black print.

Nancy Rushman

In bright red letters, she wrote: “Call me sometime. I would love to talk with you.”


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End Notes: Thank you for reading! The Winter Soldier gif above was found on giphy.com.






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