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Review: Kaleidoscope Hearts

Kaleidoscope Hearts
Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was more like 3.5 stars for me. And I’ll tell you why in a moment.

This is the story of Estelle (Elle) and Oliver. Estelle is coming off the death of her fiance, Wyatt, a much older man who on the surface seemed perfect. It’s been a year, she selling their house, and is trying to move on. Welcome in Oliver. Oliver is Elle’s brother’s best friend. He’s also the guy she’s been trying to get over for so long…

But in the process of getting over him, he manages to get back into her life. And so begins the tale of a sweet and spicy romance.

This typically is one of those books–a total romcom type–that I just love. They have this chase, they have this past that gets told, they get together. But then they fall apart. But then they get together to fall apart…and it was so back and forth.

I get wanting to keep the tensions high until the very end in a romcom/romance story. But it felt like it was stuck as a repeating decimal, flickering back and forth between 1 and 5 before finally settling on a three and a half at the HEA, because that ending saved it from a one. I just didn’t like feeling like Elle and Oliver were moving forward only to keep falling back. Now if there had been more tension with Elle’s brother Victor–Vic already told his friends to NEVER date her or suffer a death unlike any known to man–that I would get. But that was only a few pages. Meanwhile, Elle and Oliver were just back and forth of are we/aren’t we … the repeating decimal.

Sorry for the nerdism/mathematical metaphors…I just didn’t know how else to describe it.

I do recommend this for a quick read…maybe a beach read. It’s not a bad story at all. Just felt like I was riding a yo-yo for half the book…and not in the typical good way. My opinion only.

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Review: Stars Above

Stars Above
Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Doing what I’ve done before with a collection of short stories, I took the average of all the stories’ ratings.

4.5 STARS! to the collection of stories starring the characters of The Lunar Chronicles Series. Some were unrelated but similar. Some were a peek into the past while others were in the future–a grand epilogue for the characters, if you will.

The Keeper – 4 stars: This was the story of Scarlet’s grandmother and Princess Selene before she became Cinder. It starts with how Scarlet’s grandfather was a lunar (as suspected) and how he was the reason Cinder was saved. This answered the questions I had about Scarlet’s family and if her grandfather was Lunar. It also filled in the blanks with Cinder’s history and how she came to live with the Linh’s. Enjoyable read.

Glitches – 5 stars: The story of Cinder meets her android/bff Iko. What a sweet tale. We get to peek into the backstory and see that Iko, even in her early days as–what I imagine as more a BB-8 sort of android–she seems to have glitches in her chip. I liked this one so much. I felt for Cinder being berated by her step-mother often for nothing. I adored Linh Peony and Cinder back together again. And we got to read about where Linh Cinder’s father really went. (Heartbreaking!)

The Queen’s Army – 5 stars: Speaking of heartbreaking…I could barely make it out of this story alive. It was how Wolf (Ze’ev) came to be. How he was taken from his home at the young age of twelve, forced into this life and form…by the end I was in TEARS! It was tough…especially since I was already feeling for Wolf from what I knew of him…*heavy sigh* Definitely worth a read…if you read nothing else in this book…

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky – 5 stars: Would I really give this any less? Eh, maybe. Maybe not. I mean, this is still my favorite character of the series. And young Carswell….he doesn’t disappoint. Ish. His snarkiness went all the way back….and it seemed he lacked a heart. But even this proves the most cunning scoundrel has one of the biggest hearts. LOVED IT!

After Sunshine Passes By – 3.5 stars: Cress’s tale of how she came to live in that Satellite. I LOVED Cress, but this was really depressing and sad. I enjoyed Cress being precocious and smarter than a Lunar, but her being locked away because of it… I was hoping for something more exciting than this as far as Cress’ backstory went.

The Princess and the Guard – 5 stars: aka Snow White and the Huntsman as they grew up in Luna…I LOVED THIS ONE! THIS is what I wanted to see in Jacin this whole time! I wanted the man behind the icy exterior to come out and be seen all the time. We even get to see how Winter got her scars and why she refused to use her “lunar gift”…This was a fantastic story!

The Little Android – 3.5 stars(?): The Lunar Chronicles take on The Little Mermaid story. This is the one I like but didn’t…On one hand, I want to give it five stars because I enjoyed the twists that being space rather than ocean provided. On the other hand, I want to keep it around three stars because it think it was missing something, though I couldn’t specify what. It was a heartbreaking tale.

Something Old, Something New – 5 stars!: This is the grand epilogue to The Lunar Chronicles. It picks up a few years (i believe) later after Cinder has dissolved Luna’s monarchy. The gang–Carswell, Cress, Cinder, Kai, Jacin, Winter, Iko, Scarlet, & Wolf–all meet up in France at Scarlet Benoit’s farm that she shares with Wolf (Ze’ev Kelsey)…and there is a wedding planned. Not who’s I thought it would be, though. Carswell and his snarkiness, Jacin and his heart, Wolf as is…Every moment was a pure pleasure to read. If this one kept dragging on for forever, I’d be okay with that. My only complaint is that everyone seems to have gotten a satisfying happily ever after, except Cress and Thorne.

Overall, a beautiful addition to the Lunar Chronicles. It adds more to the series as a whole, and definitely worth a read…after you complete the whole series, of course.

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