Celebrating Captain America: Civil War… (part iii)

Am I celebrating #TeamCap today?

To quote Chris Evans right there, “No.” Because, in these parts, I am one of two #TeamCap’pers…The rest of them…Team I–I–Ir…
Can’t even type it.  Trying again…Team…

The other guy. There. That Bucky and Steve are fighting. It’s as close to typed (or said) that I can get for now.

If you remember, in the past few months, I have made  {Captain America arm warmers} and the holy grail of all Cap wear I’ve been dying to find for FIVE years, the {Captain America ear flap hat} which I  am still wearing even though it’s like 90° today. (The parts within the brackets are links in case you want to see them.)

So, part three of my weird-little-self-taught-crafty-gotta-keep-my-hands-busy-and-still-celebrate-Civil-War-while-I’m-not-writing kick is finally complete. I made some arm warmers for the opposition….Iron Man arm warmers upon request. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, a little bit of gold (the real shimmery kind not the yellowish wannabe color) a lot bit of red and firewhite palms. No one warned me that gold yarn was fragile…but then I didn’t ask. Lesson learned. Twice the yarn broke and I had to start over. It’s not stretchy, so when She-Who-Chose-Team-The-Other-Guy tried it on, it snapped. Start over.

Eventually, I learned to just combine it with the more durable red yarn. (Just a tip in case you want to make your own…) I made the one like five times. By the second one, I was an old pro and only had to knit it once.

Her favorite part of these are the illuminated (white yarn) palms for the laser pulse. Outlined in that gold yarn, of course.

The best part of this project is that the recipient just loves them.
Which…I guess is the point above and beyond the team alliances.

Part Four of this Captain America crafty kick tomorrow!!!


The photos are mine.
The gifs were found on giphy.com

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