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Review: Champion

Champion by Marie Lu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is so difficult for me to rate. There were parts that I loved, parts that I hated, parts where it dragged, and parts where I just held my breath…

I’m settling on 4 stars for now.

This is the last of The Legend trilogy of books, covering Day and June’s lives in the Republic.

Daniel Day has always been a rapscallion. He made trouble for the Republic’s army in book one. He helped June save the new Elector in book two. And now he’s trying to help the Republic from being overthrown by the other half of the old US, The Colonies–a corporate run state.

June Iparis has always been Day’s yin. She has always served the Republic without question. Until there were questions…but even then, he loyalties have been to them. Except maybe Day trumps the Republic for her…


Alright, no spoilers…Okay…

The Colonies blame the Republic for this virus that is out of control and killing their citizens. They have vowed to incite war on the Republic if they didn’t sure this virus they created.

And so begins this warring tale. Day and his brother, Eden, are at odds because Eden may hold the key to the cure. Day and June are at odds because she wants him to allow Eden to help them. Anden, the new Elector, is at odds with the other countries and is trying to make amends for his father’s ways…

My favorite parts which made this a four star read:

1) The trip to Antartica – It was like living through a live action SIMS game where every one accumulated mass points for tasks accomplished and lost points for being bad. I wonder if that sort of system would work. I am still curious to know what language they speak. I imagine something like Icelandic and hard to learn.

2) The last chapter – Just when life was getting back to normal…

3) Day and his friend/fellow Patriot (people against the tyranny of the republic), Pascao – Just anything where their tasks and plotting was reminiscent of the old days…aka book 1, Legend

The parts I didn’t like, which kept it from being a 5:

1) June visiting the prison…and I can’t say more because of spoilers.

2) The moment before the Colonies second attack because it seemed to be dramaless for me. “Oh, the Colonies are coming to attack…Now what?” They didn’t really say that, but that’s what it felt like.

3) The beginning where the whole story seemed to tangle and stumble. I think this is more because it’s been a while since I read the first two books and I had to acclimate into the future world of Legend all over again.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend reading this, just don’t put it off for a year like I did. Once I was back in the groove, it was fantastic! I was definitely THRILLED with the ending after the ending. THRILLED with it!

*A SPRING CLEANING READ* – Onto the Dorothy series to finish out those two books.

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