Review: Fallout

Fallout by Gwenda Bond

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. I mean…WOW! What a great start to my May2016 reading theme: I need a Hero!

Disclaimer: Clark Kent and Lois Lane is one of my oldest “ships” in the world. I have loved them together since I was first allowed to watch the Christopher Reeve version of  Superman when I was in the fifth grade. (TV version, of course. Sadly.) That being said, I’m not entirely sure that has any bearing on my thoughts of this book. Even if I gave the Superman counterpart Christopher’s Reeve’s Clark voice. I hope to explain without spoiling…

Lois Lane is starting a new high school having just moved to Metropolis. She’s considered a “problem student” by her old schools (military brat and that constant shuffle every year or two) though the records clearly do no indicate why she did what she did

The first morning, Lois is on her way into the principal’s office to start her new school. What she overhears is a student complaining of being bullied by a group called the Warheads–total creepy gamers. Lois steps in without a thought and tries to set the principal right on the issue. Instead, she impressed a visitor to the school, The Daily Planet’s own Perry White (imagined him as the Laurence Fishburne incarnation). Through that encounter, Lois becomes the newest student reporter for the school’s addition to the Daily Planet’s website, The Scoop.

And that’s just in the first few pages.

The story takes us through the investigation of this bullying claim to find out there is something more…something weird…something that shouldn’t be happening.

Lois recruits the help of her fellow The Scoop reporters–Maddy, James (aka The Third), and Devin. There was as much to the side characters as there was to Lois. each one had their own secrets, their own quirks. They fit with Lois amazingly.

Now, I know…Lois Lane + Superman = awesome! And there was a “Super Man” in here. aka her online chat friend: Smallville Guy…. They met through an online forum while Lois was researching a flying man she saw in farmland Kansas.

While their interactions were few and far between, when they were together–chatting through the computer or appearing in an online game that the bullies used to attack their victims–it was a total yin and yang feel. I wanted them to talk more, to be more than hidden acquaintances. But, alas, SmallvilleGuy just…no matter what he wanted to do…

I’ll just leave it with I want more of them together.

The overall story was very modern day and technology forward. It was a beautiful meld of the old and the new in a YA setting. I’m very happy with this one. One of the best accidental purchases I’ve made in a VERY long time. Well worth the read. I intend to get to book 2, now more than ever, because I know SmallvilleGuy and Lois Lane get even closer.

For me, a total win. Just don’t go into it with a Superman comic/movie mindset, because it is very different from that, though keeping a lot to love from the original story. This story is all from Lois’ point-of-view and done in a time before Superman came to be the well-known hero.


Can’t wait to get my hands on book 2!

*I NEED A HERO! Read ~ May 2016.* : Starting off the month in a SUPER way!

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