Review: Waiting for Clark

Waiting for Clark
Waiting for Clark by Annabeth Albert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am torn as to what to rate this one. 3 stars for the deceptive length of the book. 4 stars for the story. So I’m settling on 3.5 STARS.

Sometimes you just have to don the cape and pray you fly.

This is the tale of a M/M romance. Bryce owns a comic-y bar. He and his friends are going to a local Comic Con in Portland, OR dressed as friends from the Justice League. Bryce has the duty of being the Caped Crusader. But who is going to be Superman?

Enter Clark. (Too bad it wasn’t Kent…but it was VERY close.) Clark is an “ex” of Bryce’s of sorts. They were roommates back in college before Clark went off on his scholarships to get his higher degrees. They shared a moment once, but it was quick and fleeting and that was it. Until Clark became Superman.

From there, the story has the typical cutesy twist and turns, with a moment of spice. I really enjoyed it. Wasn’t over-the-top erotic, wasn’t too sappy romantic. Just a fun, relatable–for me– read. I couldn’t recommend it more.

The only thing I didn’t like was the quickness of the story. I’m sitting on my Kindle at 85% and I’m actually done. The rest was typical fillers–author’s notes, acknowledgements, etc–and the majority was a preview of the next book. I don’t think this is fully the author’s fault, I mean, Kindles count all the pages and not just that of the story (wish that would change). My problem is that it wasn’t mentioned about a first chapter or pages upon pages of a preview. Frustrating! I really wanted more story for Clark and Bryce. Be warned that it’s there.

Overall an enjoyable read.

*I NEED A HERO READ – MAY 2016* NOTE: Instead of a generic hero theme, I should have made it a Captain America theme. I had no idea he was mentioned in this book that fully implies a DC comic world.

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