Review: Marvel’s Agent Carter: Season One Declassified

Marvel's Agent Carter: Season One Declassified
Marvel’s Agent Carter: Season One Declassified by Sarah Rodriguez
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I could, I give this all the stars in the universe! Well, maybe not that many, but definitely close to it.

Disclaimer: (seems all my reviews have this lately) I am a DIE HARD Peggy Carter fan. She is one of the best characters to come out of Marvel (Cineverse and Comics), IMO. Right up there with Cap. That being said…it may have influenced this glowing review, but then I think I would love all but one part of this book anyway. Here’s hoping I can defend that statement.

First off, I cannot do a proper review of this book without mentioning the slip cover and the cover of the book. The book itself is 11 x 9 (by my ruler, not going for the half marks and such). Once you peel away the plastic, you have this gorgeous slip cover. The front bears the title and Peggy’s blues on an SSR eagle.


The back side has Peggy in her Captain America reminiscent, trademark red and blue outfit. The book itself is printed to look like an embossed leather dossier, but is in fact smooth. Both are matte finished and do not pick up shine.


Inside, you are greeted by gorgeous, full-sized color images and a letter written by Peggy Carter herself, Hayley Atwell. And the book takes off from there.

Chapter 1 – My Name Is Agent: This section covers how Peggy Carter came to be. Covers her time with Steve Rogers/Captain America in The First Avenger. It mentions the featurette that started her off as well as her Agents of SHIELD tie-ins. A great backstory to bringing Peggy from the pages of the comics to modern times on the screen.

Chapter 2 – From Script to Screen: This is a great section for someone who loves a behind the scenes feature of movies and shows. It’s broken down into and episode for episode series of tales about the episode, the thoughts behind it, and even some moments. Very thorough. I plan on pulling this out during this summer’s rewatch of Season one and rereading with each episode.

Chapter 3 – Modern Retro: Bringing Agent Carter’s World to Life: This is like a history lesson and modern day clashing in a really fun and informative way. I had no idea why the men’s ties on the show were always so short–until I read this. I noticed certain things about the costumes, hair, scenery, and I finally had some questions answered as well as finding out more about Automats and life in the 1940s.

Chapter 4 – Sweet Dreams: The tail end, just a few short pages. Just a were Peggy came from to where she is going wrap-up.

Throughout the book there are images upon images. All in full-color (except the few in black and white for explanation purposes), all gorgeous, all fitting. I found myself entranced a few times really scouring some of these images–the Howard Stark roster of inventions and 1940s office life were among my favorites beyond the characters. (Everyone had a Royal Typewriter and the writer in me is SO VERY JEALOUS of that fact.)

It didn’t disappoint. Not in the least.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Especially if you love Marvel or Peggy Carter as much as I do.

*I NEED A HERO READ – MAY 2016* I cannot believe they cancelled Agent Carter yesterday. I want to cry and scream. Instead, I’ll keep begging Netflix (and Hulu) to keep the show alive. At least for one more season so some major questions are satisfactorily answered and my favorite characters aren’t left in an eternal limbo. #AgentCarterNetflix

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