Review: Lumberjanes To The Max Edition, Vol. 1

Lumberjanes To The Max Edition, Vol. 1
Lumberjanes To The Max Edition, Vol. 1 by Shannon Watters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really, I am leaning towards four and a half stars, though I’m just as happy giving it four.

This book combines the first eight issues of Lumberjanes in one volume. The cover is thick and bright white with dark green embossed (well, debossed) lettering and graphics. Very thick boards for the cover…very well done.

The art inside is very much a Boomerang style…if you know those comics–Adventure Time, Mordecai and Rigby, etc. Sorta cutesy with jagged-edged boxes, bright colors throughout. Drawn like I would draw something…think like a twelve-year-old with some artistic skill usage. I just love it!

The opening first introduces you into a story that I think is Girl Scouts meets Gravity Falls. Exactly that. The story takes you right in all the way up to this ending that didn’t feel like an ending. The next story (or book 2) takes you into another tale, wholly unrelated to the original…

At least that’s what I thought as I read it. It didn’t fit together smoothly, which is where the one star comes off. It felt like the first story was just abandoned and left behind and there would be no answers given whatsoever. Until a few books in when it all comes together and makes SO MUCH SENSE!

And that’s when I really, really started to like this series/book/graphic novel. When the stories collide and everything is cohesive, it wins. It really wins.

I had only one cringe with something in the book. It’s totally personal. It didn’t really affect my rating. There in the Lumberjane oath is some mention of “God”…and it did irk me because it feels like it’s done with malice or dismissal instead of an explanation of something like: While the original Lumberjanes felt this was necessary, we feel it’s okay for all religions to participate so we came up with our own line. (Or something like that.) A total me thing that I think could have been appraoched a little better. Maybe I’m just oversensitive to this stuff.

Anyway, that aside, this graphic novel was really good. The fun comes in the Gravity Falls type clues and weirdness. A filler since the show is officially over. *heavy sigh*

Definitely a recommend!

*I need a Hero Read – May 2016* Another one down, and yes, this counts as a HERO[INE] tale!

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