Review: Baby Doll

Baby Doll
Baby Doll by Hollie Overton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

[note: this book showed up in my mail box a few weeks ago. Sent by Hachette, I cannot, for the life of me, remember if I signed up for this, was it one of those Goodreads TBR list giveaways, or something I did at Comic Con…no matter what, that has no bearing on my review. And I am always thankful for a free book, especially when it’s so good I can’t stop reading.)

So why am I giving this book 5 stars when I gave a similar story, [book:The Cellar|16066586], many stars less? (Trust me when I say The Cellar was just like stories I had seen already, a repeat.)

The twists and turns! The fact I couldn’t put this down. I went to bed one night, thinking about the story, and woke up the next morning with this urgent need to know what’s going to happen next.

Lily had her whole life in front of her. High school track, popular, a boyfriend Wes…and it was taken away from her when she was kidnapped and stowed away in her captor’s basement and held there for eight years. EIGHT YEARS? That’s insane! How does one acclimate to life after eight years of life in a basement, no sky, no fresh air, a slave to bend to the captor’s will, and eventually a baby. Insane.

Abby is Lily’s twin. Identical from what I gather. Not only did the kidnapper steal her sister, he stole her life. She didn’t know how to cope with life without her cohort. Her twin was gone, and there was nothing she could. The toll really wears on a girl.

Eve is their mother. Her life was also sent flying into realms of impossibility when her daughter disappeared. She tried and tried to hold it together for her daughter…tried.

They all coped in different ways.

Rick is the kidnapper who ruined all these lives, yet doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. UGH….I can’t talk about him yet.

Those are the alternating points of view told throughout. We start with Lily running away from that prison. Right there in the beginning, I was swept away with thoughts like “Will she make it?” … “Will this guy catch her?” … “Please don’t be him. She’s got to make it.” Etc. From there, instead of the typical story of “I was caught and captured and it’s all typical and stolen from the papers,” this story took off on its own. I was flipping page after page, detesting Rick’s POV, thinking how loopy Eve’s POV was, watching as Lily tries to cope with life, and wondering what was going through Abby’s mind half the time.

So many unexpected twists and turns is where this wins. Every guess I’d make would be thrown out…up until the very end when… Nope. Not going to spoil it. But, yeah, I sat shocked right at the tail end of the book, wondering if I really read the events correctly.

I did. After a re-read of the last few chatpers.

This book is great for a beach read as well as a fun, twisty, dark story. It didn’t disappoint.

*A HOUSE OF S. READ ~ JUNE 2016* A great book to give my mind a break from the insanity.

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