Review: S.

S. by J.J. Abrams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To get the four star rating, I added the scores for each part and divided by two.

The Original Story ~ aka Ship of Theseus. This is the original book written by an enigma of an author. It’s about S. and his worldly travels on a mysterious ship and quest for the ultimate truth/revenge. Maybe, slightly, a love story. It was well written and really embraced the old-fashioned way books were written back in the mid 1900s. A real story without all the feathery fluff they want you to like these days. Suspenseful and really good. Except that ending which…WHAT THE HECK?

Which, if i understand this book correctly, is part of the mystery of this book.

For Ship of Theseus, FIVE STARS all the way. Really good. Disturbing. And moments of sweetness. I can’t say enough about it.

The Side Story ~ aka Jen and Eric’s “real life” events. What started out as someone helping another with a research paper/book, turns into a mystery and love story all it’s own, slightly mirroring that in the book. There are different pen colors for different time periods of when they wrote the notes over a few years intermixed with notes about the story, the author, his translator…the reasons of why this book and why the mystery surrounding it.

The side story started off fun and cute. Jenn found a random book and noticed some wrong notes inside of it…and boom, they’re conversing with each other. It was fun and thrilling to read their interactions and notes–some of which gives clues to the ciphers in Ship. But somewhere along the line, their story got so muddled. It was so great in theory, yet lost something along the way.

I think it was because you have to go back to the beginning more times than maybe you want to–the original story, the first notes, the second notes, the third notes–just to get the information in some sort of chronological order. And even then, the order wasn’t perfect. I also feel like parts were missing. There’d be something mentioned, but no pretext to it. You’re sort of told these things were happening, but there was no lead up to it, no supporting evidence. And then there were just random stray thoughts that had no response for no reason…

And I do wonder if those are related to the things that must be figured out for this story.

For the second story, I give it a three. There were some great moments, fantastic hints, and a few really suspenseful moments. But, again, something got lost in the translation. (No pun intended for those of you who have read it.)

I do still have to go back through my notebook of notes and really concentrate on the maze of this book, work the ciphers (which Jen and Eric have already solved a lot of…fun ruiners) and figure out what it is I am supposed to figure out. I have theories for this book, but like House of Leaves, I won’t go into them here. It’s better saved for a Blog/Vlog post at a later time some point after my move.

I will recommend a reading pattern:

The original story
Jen/Eric – blue ink and black felt tip
Jen/Eric – green/orange (in my edition, it was orange)
Jen/Eric – purple/red inks
Jen/Eric – black cursive/black block (which makes it more confusing on Eric’s block print behalf as it mixes and matches with the first series of notes…so it’s not clear where it belongs.)

Overall, it is a good story, and has good intentions. Maybe if I can get down and solve the mysteries that still exist, I might like it more…or might not like it at all. Recommended if you have the time to read a book two or three times in a row.

*A HOUSE OF S. READ – JUNE 2016* – I cannot believe I finally read those two books. Reading Bucket list minus two now.

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