Review: We’re All Damaged

We're All Damaged
We’re All Damaged by Matthew Norman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four stars to the RomCom that had me laughing.

This book I chose for my Prime/Kindle free book for May. I read the reviews and honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it. Just a quick read with a story that piqued my interest…

…and next thing I know, I’m laughing and smiling and thinking how this book is something like Our Idiot Brother (the brilliance of Paul Rudd) meets Greedy (1990s, Michael J Fox movie). There wasn’t anything I couldn’t find to like about this book.

Andy Carter. This poor guy. He’s in his thirties. Divorced after his wife left him in the rudest of ways. Suffering what his family thinks is a mid-life crisis, having to move to NYC from Omaha. Going home for his dying grandpa. Meeting a girl…who, in her own right, is a little bizarre, a way bit weird, and so helpful when it comes to bringing Andy from his shell.

I could picture this as a movie. Sweet, funny, crazy in some spots. A whacked out family, who looks perfect to the world, but is nothing more than smoke and mirrors in their quirky ways. Sort of a straight-laced tale, but there’s always a knot in the lace somewhere. I couldn’t stop reading, it was that enjoyable.

Definitely give this one a read! I am so glad I chose it in May, even happier I decided to give it a go.


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