Review: Don’t Get Caught

Don't Get Caught
Don’t Get Caught by Kurt Dinan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh, this book. It was more three and a half rather then three stars for me…I just can’t mark the four star option, though.

It starts off great. This insane prankster club invites this guy, Max, who sees himself as plain and boring, to join them. And it was all a ruse. He and his four friends get caught up in this deceit and destruction. And now they have to exact revenge and take out Chaos Club before they can be expelled from school.

Sounds like quite the caper.

And, admittedly, it was. There were parts where the pranks shined through. But, not shiny enough to keep my attention. Part of it was the down times between pranks. It got boring for me. Part of it was trying to keep the five people involved in this tale straight–it would have helped to have them going by the same names all of the time instead of “code names” and nicknames and first interchanging with last on a rapid basis. It wasn’t too bothersome about halfway through once I got used to all the quick changing names.

The real winner part of this book was the VERY TWISTY ENDING. It was shocking, yet I knew part of it was coming because of the things said in the earlier chapters. It was a good story with a fantastic ending, though. #SPOILERFREEZONE

I don’t think there was any one part of the book I hated. I enjoyed it for the most part. There’s not much more to say, except I wished it was funnier. Maybe I was expecting something mega adventure, and it wasn’t as adventurous as I had in my mind from the description… I can’t figure why it’s only three for me.

*A JULY/AUGUST MOVE READ* ~ Maybe my mind was too busy on the move to really fall in love with this one…Maybe.

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