Review: Unrivaled

Unrivaled by Alyson Noel
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Catching up on all my book reviews not done from this move today…

This was a two to two and a half at the most for me. Which is highly disappointing after reading raves about this book. I went in with the highest of hopes.

I think because it was touted as a YA mystery. What is wasn’t was YA…and…sheesh…the mystery didn’t kick in until almost the end of the book. Sort of.

It starts off okay with the disappearance of the hot “it” actress, Madison Brooks. But that was a few pages at most. The story goes off on a far tangent, dividing into three stories–Layla’s, Tommy’s, and Aster’s–though all focusing on one contest to become a club promoter. And that’s where it started to fall apart.

Nothing felt cohesive or solid, even though the characters were all revolving in this contest. It felt so first person, but was third person to read. Eventually, there were five characters stories going around. Not that I got confused, but some of it wasn’t information relative to the story…parts that could have been left out so the real story could shine. And the characters weren’t mysterious. All of their lives were pretty much spilled out in the first chapters…

By the time any mystery kicked in, I was kicking myself for not DNF’ing it. I kept hoping it would change for the better. The real story was going to start…and it didn’t. I think this book was a preface, really. Book 2 is looming out there in the future, and I’m willing to bet, book 2 is where this story will shine it’s brightest.

Honestly, I’d say wait for book 2 before reading this. Book 1 just…SMH…It fell flat for me.

*A JULY/AUGUST READ ON THE MOVE* mood level: frustrated

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