Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 02: Miles Behind Us

The Walking Dead, Vol. 02: Miles Behind Us
The Walking Dead, Vol. 02: Miles Behind Us by Robert Kirkman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m flirting with three and a half stars for this volume of TWD.

It’s the first “winter” I’ve experienced in the land of Walkers. Snow. Everything is cold. Food is becoming scarce. And the Walkers are freezing too. The seasonal changes make for a better story overall.

But, that being said, it’s difficult to get into the Greene farm portion of this story. No Beth, though I knew she wasn’t in the books before. Maggie is the middle of six children. Herschel is a royal pain…but then I didn’t like him in the beginning on the show, either. It’s who he is, I guess.

I don’t know. It felt like time was flying by way too fast. Blink one, they’re at the farm. Blink two, and they’re leaving the farm. Not really too much of a story being told in this one. Not for me. And maybe it’s because I watched the shows first. I’ve been conditioned to expect so much in so little time… Except that one season…

Oh, and another thing eating at me about this book…

In the show, they never, not once, EVER called these “dead” zombies. It was always Walkers. But here:
my own edited image

Sorta not the same. And I miss Tyrese so much.

*A WALKING DEAD READ ~ OCTOBER 2016* It’s moving so fast. At this rate, I’ll have to stop reading at issue 7?

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