Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 09: Here We Remain

The Walking Dead, Vol. 09: Here We Remain
The Walking Dead, Vol. 09: Here We Remain by Robert Kirkman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I remember that season after the Governor and every one had separated. Rick was hanging on to life by someone else’s lifeline. Carl ate that giant can of pudding…

That was this volume. I thought I’d spend the whole thing hoping the group finds one another and waiting for terminus to appear. I was thrilled with Eugene–the comic relief for the zombpocalypse–Abraham and Rosita’s appearance. Glad the Governor got his final comeuppance. (I really did not like that man in any incarnation.)

The story was more character centric in this issue. Mostly Rick. A little bit of Carl, who still has yet to learn to stay put. Not really any of the others.

This has got to be like the lamest review. I keep trying to think of what I cna or should say without giving everything away…and I know I’ve given a few things away. What I can say is this:

This issue was like the slow paced one. All the hectic events at the prison were over. The characters were limited in numbers. It was less walker intensive and more psychological. A breather season. It gave that sense of calm that you know is totally dangerous to fall into when there’s walkers about. Definitely calmer. More like the show character wise and less event wise. Maybe that’s why it was a three for me?

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