Review: The Walking Dead, Vol. 16: A Larger World

The Walking Dead, Vol. 16: A Larger World
The Walking Dead, Vol. 16: A Larger World by Robert Kirkman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now Jesus steps into the story. There’s everything not to trust about that man, Paul Monroe, maybe because he goes by Jesus…IDK. Both incarnations of this guy…something just never sat right in my gut when it came to him. Still.

And as promised, he takes them to his “town” called The Hilltop. Which I remember very well. And it’s as unorganized and crazy insane as the show’s Hilltop. Rick and his ideas of grandeur…

Without a doubt, this is the last one I can read without spoiling a thing–I assume. Jesus came. Negan was mentioned quite a few times…and Lucille is pretty prominent on the next Volume’s cover. It’s coming and I don’t want to see it before it airs. Which, as of yesterday, was two weeks away.

So it’s with great sadness I have to leave this series now. I probably won’t pick up issue 17 until the television series is done. (I seriously can’t stand to have shows/movies spoiled, still loving seeing how the books were different/better/worse.) And I can’t be sure I won’t read any spoilers until the show ends it’s run…which has been rumored to be this year, or next.

I’ve enjoyed the graphic novels. It’s fun seeing different stories crop up. It’s been fun seeing how it was translated for television. It was great seeing some of the characters I loved alive again (Dale, Tyrese, Carol). And it’s been difficult seeing other characters again (The Governor, Andrea) as well as seeing the original incarnations of a few of them (Michonne, Maggie).

I’m going to miss reading them, but I’ll enjoy their returns very soon.

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