Review: Gemina

Gemina by Amie Kaufman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gemina was as good as The Illuminae Files (book 1) for me. Everything I loved about the first book was here. The odd pages where the words not just figuratively form an image, but literally as well. The short dialogues, the transcripts, the story!

In Illuminae, the story centered on space and a zombie like virus. This time it was like a YA version of Aliens…Even better!!! (Kady from the first book does make an appearance in this book.)

It starts with Hanna, the spoiled rich girl, daughter of the ship’s captain. She’s talking with her boyfriend, Jackson, and her friends about a party. She arranges to bring a little “pick-me-up” with her contact, Nik.

Nik, is her polar opposite. Where she’s had privilege and Daddy’s training, Nik had mafia like gangs and pretty much had to take care of himself. He dealt with what was handed to him in the grand scheme of a sh*tty life.

But then BeiTech enters. In the first book, they were responsible for destroying a planet and ships and people…all for monetary gain. Here it’s no different, except they’re desperate not to get caught.

Meanwhile, drug producing alien creatures are hatching without supervision and proper harvesting. Meaning they get lose on this space station like ship in deep space.

Add in worm holes, parallel universes and a sweet love story…I couldn’t put it down!!! I didn’t want to stop reading. And I HATE that there is only ONE BOOK LEFT. This story was pure genius!

Being book two, I’d recommend the first (which is a winner, too), but this could stand alone if need be. I don’t think there’d be a giant question mark because you didn’t get a reference to a past event or an obscure reference.



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4 responses to “Review: Gemina

  1. Skipping your review for now because I’m starting this myself tonight and don’t want spoilers. Will try to get back to you when I’m finished.


    • Oh definitely get back to me when you’re finished. Hope you love it!


      • Finished yesterday. I marked it down to 4 stars because I was annoyed when they used dark font on dark background (I finally gave up trying to read those parts), and the 50-60 page segment toward the end where they wrote narrative from 2 different universes that were 75% the same thing.

        Loved the “Aliens meets Die Hard” plot though. Looking forward to the next volume.


      • I didn’t have that much problem with my edition of the book, though in the first one I did. SO that’s understandable. Seems like you enjoyed it otherwise. 🙂

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