Review: Confessions of a Queen B*

Confessions of a Queen B*
Confessions of a Queen B* by Crista McHugh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A really fun, enjoyable read. I read this in a day. It was so enjoyable, I couldn’t put it down. So enjoyable, I bought the next two before I finished this one.

Alexis Wyndham is the school’s Queen B*. Someone I’d call the HBIC. She digs up the truth about bullies, teachers, and the admin of Eastline High School in the east Seattle Suburbs. (My old stomping grounds!) The problem is, she was paired with quarterback and “it” guy of their school for a project.

Brett maybe the footballer champion god of the school, but don’t let that typical exterior fool you. There’s so much more to him. And that’s what Alexis is coming to learn.

While taking care of this electronic baby for senior Health class, her younger sister, a cheerleader, makes it known there is a perv digitally recording the girls’ locker room and posting these videos online. So Alexis is determined to solve the case and post it on her blog. And somehow, Brett gets dragged into it. Well, he volunteers, but he’s now helping her.

The story was quick but not easy to solve, if that makes any sense. It was quippy and had snippets of stories from Alexis’ blog. There was romance and not, meaning Alexis was fighting the idea of Brett tooth and nail.

Again, it was good and I couldn’t stop reading it.

So a solid four stars for a YA read I bought on a whim. Thanks, Kindle for the rec.


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