Review: The Queen B* Strikes Back

The Queen B* Strikes Back
The Queen B* Strikes Back by Crista McHugh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one teeters between three and a half and four stars.

It had Alexis and Brett and her should I date him story. It had the red queen of the school standing between Brett and Alexis…it had best friends, gay friends, and a DB extraordinaire. (I hated him!)

So Alexis is trying to come to terms with the fact she has feelings for Brett. Besides being hot, he’s smart and sweet and is great with kids…don’t ask. And he could love her more. But it’s Summer, the head cheerleader and former BFF, who claimed Brett for herself, leaving Alexis feeling like she really doesn’t belong in Brett’s world.

The story had the perfect amount of teen angst and the possibility of first loves. It was just as fun to read, EXCEPT… except….

The first book had quotes from her blog and another story going on with finding who was filming these girls in the locker room and showing the world through the internet. It was those pieces that were missing from this. There was trouble concerning Alexis’ blog at school, but nothing to that caliber. And I would have loved to read more snippets of the scandals…

Without it, it was more a typical teen tale. It was still a good read, and it really moved Alexis and Brett’s story forward.


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