Review: Replica

Replica by Lauren Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 STARS!!!

This is a book similar to Only Revolutions where it flips. You can read all of one POV or read a chapter of each POV at a time. I used the second approach, staring with Lyra then going to Gemma and back after each chapter. While Gemma’s part of the story is longer, I think you get more of an idea about Haven, this research place that dominates both sides of the story.

Yes, there is some overlap, but it’s handled in such a way, the similar parts felt entirely different.

Lyra has lived in Haven her whole life. She’s never experienced any other life outside of doctors, nurses who are creeped out by her very existence, and tests. She barely gets a human touch, but the few she’s had, she holds onto like a treasure in her mattress.

So Gemma is this girl, trying to survive high school bullies and being overweight and liking boys though none seem to like her. She’s trying to get some sort of life, but her parents keep her on such a short leash, there isn’t much life to be had.

And then Haven is destroyed. Lyra is free, Gemma needs to solve the mystery surrounding the place and how it relates to her family…and when their worlds finally collide, the story gets twisty and crooked.

You’re left with a spinning head, wondering, “How did I not see that coming? This is insane!” As I read, and approached the center of the book where both stories end, I kept thinking how the story wouldn’t be resolved. There was no way it felt even close to finished.

I was right. It ended with a major cliffhanger. Had I known it was book one, I’d have waited, because now, I’m left to wonder what’s going on.

If you’re a patient soul, then I say read it now! And if you like to wait, I say read it anyway!


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