Review: Until Friday Night

Until Friday Night
Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh gosh… I loved this book. Footballers, Friday nights, and shy, quiet girls. A lot of good old drama and angst. Definitely FOUR STARS…FOUR AND A QUARTER.

It starts out at a typical footballer party one Friday night. In the middle of Alabama. Fields and stars. Trucks and dude and girls.

Maggie had just moved in with her Aunt and Uncle, her cousin sort of forced into bringing her. She hung in the shadows not really wanting to talk to anyone. Not really talking since her mother’s death.

West, footballer and party goer, was also not in the mood to talk to anyone. He hated being at a party when life at home wasn’t going as life should. He was dealing and reeling…his girlfriend driving him insane.

He found Maggie all alone. She didn’t talk to him. That’s okay, he didn’t want to talk. They kissed at that party.

From there, the stories of West and Maggie’s lives collide in similarities. While she never talks, he falls for her. Their bond grows and eventually…

Well, to talk about this in detail would mean I was spoiling it all. I will say that like most romantic tales, love grows and builds up then crumbles then tries again on shaky legs. I actually did cry a few times, but more for personal reasons related to West.

I loved this one so much, I’m planning on getting the sequels soon to read on about tiny town football in Alabama. A very good story that I would watch as a movie. (Varsity Blues anyone?)


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