Review: Intermission

Intermission by Serena Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am still left without words…

First and foremost, this book was provided through NetGalley. Thank you.

Second, I hop I can do this without crying.

Faith Prescott (or Madeline Faith) is sixteen and ready to storm the Broadway stage. One day during a hike, she meets Noah Spencer at the waterfall in the national park behind her house. Their love of Broadway and show tunes is what brought them close over time. Their love is what propels this story.

Faith’s mother is a royal B*+¢#… The fact she hated her own child because she wasn’t sporty or into something like accounting… I know this type of mother first hand, and every time I read her, I had to put the book down and walk away because I found myself cursing the screen. Numerous times.

The mother is what made your gut wrench. Noah is what made your heart melt.

He was a good Christian boy. The son of missionaries. He had grand plans for going to London to hone his craft on stage. He just never expected to find Faith. And let me tell you, he will bring about a few tears.

Faith is who this story is about. Through her, you get both parts–the good and the bad. The stressfulness of living with a mother like that. The fact love is really at every turn. Dreams that want to be fulfilled. And maybe a love that will break your heart. She is a good, well rounded character. From sixteen to nineteen, she is solid.

I never expected to experience so many emotions in one story that seemed simply a teen romance. There are so many levels within the story, it feels like every emotion has been touched along the way. It was a great surprise to find such depths here.

And that ending? No spoilers! I will say it wasn’t a cliffie, but for a bit there, it was tense! The wads of tissues I had are proof. It concluded satisfactorily. I just can’t say if it was good or bad without ruining it for everyone.

I can’t leave this review without mentioning the act divisions. They were decorated with musical notes and the masks of drama. Very nice addition! And the fun of the image sometimes contrasted the drama of the story. Felt balanced and less stressful.

decoration intermission

I recommend this book. Just for the love story alone. The rest is just a bonus.

Thank you NetGalley for the wonderful book!


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