Review: The Unexpected Everything

The Unexpected Everything
The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s taken a moment to fully think about this book and what I wanted to rate it. For a while there (when I didn’t misplace my book in my car), I was leaning towards a three. Just because it felt like it was too much at once, then nothing…and nothing…

But then it got good. Like really good. (After finding I left it in my car for a week.) And I couldn’t stop reading unless it was two AM and I woke everyone up while they were sleeping, so the lights had to stay off.

Andie is a full of fuel high school student. She’s got plans and aspirations for a grand future. But loses her summer internship because her father is taking a break from Congress due to a money scandal investigation. She has three best friends–Palmer, Bri, Toby–the guys they like–Tom and Wyatt. She has this occasional guy, Topher… but she’s very much a detached sort of girl. Meaning she never wants anything too deep or too lasting because in the end someone might get hurt.

Then there’s Clark.

He’s exactly like he sounds. Nerdy, cute, and a sweet guy. Who happens to be an author of some VERY WELL KNOWN fantasy books. Who is suffering from writer’s block…Who’s winning Andie moment by moment.

There is the typical drama, and sweet moments…and lots of DOGS as her new summer job is walking and caring for dogs. It was not soo much drama it consumed the story, but enough to make you want to keep reading just to find it’s getting only better.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. More cute than evil. My edition also contained bonus scenes from the story, which was highly hilarious and perfect!


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