Review: Cheater

Cheater by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

More like four and a half story wise, though I can never fully get behind a cheater.

***This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley. Thank you!***

Except Lucas Thorn isn’t technically a cheater. He’s been honest and open with all the women, never promising a commitment with any of them from Monday – Saturday. Those are the girls, one for every day of the week except Sundays. That’s a rule he’s lived by for a long time.

But, there is a twist in Lucas’ plans. Avery Black. As in his former fiancee’s little sister. As in the girl who wants to remove his…well, to keep it clean as possible…junk and chunk it into the junk yard. As in the girl who has never forgiven him for cheating on her sister the night before their wedding.

This story didn’t make me angry or hateful for Lucas, though most stories like it typically do. And maybe because he was up front. He owned the fact he was a mimbo (man bimbo). It’s difficult to dislike honesty.

As for the sister connection between Lucas’ past and present, I wasn’t creeped out. It was done with tasteful explanations and backstory. It wasn’t all gross and disgusting. Again, I typically take away major stars, points, whatever for that oogie feeling. But this story DID NOT have any of that.

As for laughing out loud in this rom-commy tale, I did. Numerous times. Mostly thanks to Lucas’ parents…which I am cracking up now as I type and think about the parts they were in…SO funny!!! It was nice to have some real laughs. I haven’t come across a humourous rom-com like this in a while.

The ending was solid. NO CLIFFIES!!! Which, yay! It does set up for another story about a few secondary characters, but Lucas and Avery’s story is nicely wrapped up in a great ending.

I definitely recommend this one! It’s not weird or creepy or off in any way. A true cute rom-com that I would definitely read again!


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