Review: God Pharm

God Pharm
God Pharm by Garrett Roper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book very much earned FIVE stars. For intensity. For the twists and turns. For being a Jason Bourne meets the Da Vinci Code meets Inception meets…IDK… A very good international bio-tech/CIA/spy thriller of mega proportions.


Just wow.

So…It starts off like a terrorist hunt in the Middle East. CIA agent, Lester Dunn (aka the Matt Damon in my mind’s eye), has been on the hunt for this “invisible man”. And as it does with these overt CIA missions [in movies and books alike] something goes awry. There is a congressional hearing. Fingers pointed. People turn heads. The story changes directions.

It goes from being about the war on terror to being the discovery of God. God in computers. God in drugs. God and how He can influence this war on terror.

Roman Tomasi (aka the Chadwick Boseman in my mind) is one of those “discoverers”. A dangerous, mentally unstable man who has a priest for a best friend, he essentially wrote “God” or Sellah into existence in the form of a computer program.

Meanwhile, Thom Burke (aka Chris Evans in my mind) is on the other side of the world at UCSF, creating work with genetics–RNA to be exact–in discovering the “God” gene…the thing that makes belief in high powers innate among humankind. With the help of his hacker friend, Frankie, and his lab assistant Elaina, he does just that, producing a “God” drug that other earthen entities would love to get their hands on…

I know I’m not even doing this story justice. It’s so twisty as the medical research melds into Sellah for the ultimate controls of people’s minds and beliefs. And it’s good. SO good.

But then you get to the story after the story. There’s this feeling that it’s all done and figured out. And that feeling is so wrong. *jaw dropped and mind blown*
mind blown
And it all becomes more reality than not…and you think it’s all crazy because you can’t believe any of it…

A moment of clarity.

An ending.

Nothing that was wanted or expected.

And all that’s left is a word whispering into the air…


I couldn’t highly recommend this book more than to say: “GO READ IT!” The story does not disappoint.

*STARTING OFF THE YEAR WITH A BANG!* ~ JANUARY 2017 READ. The bang is my ming have been blown to bits because of the awesomeness.

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