Review: Exes – A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel

Exes - A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel
Exes – A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel by Aria Hawthorne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Typically, I don’t like to read billionaire stories, but when I saw this one on NetGalley (thank you for the ARC), the description got me right away.

Alma is a woman stuck in a rut. A year after her divorce, she’s stooped to sexting a mysterious man…which actually may be the best thing going in her life. This guy has to be better than her ex, even though he’s a rich powerful ass.

Her ex is Harvey Zale. A man who used to be blue collar and sweet. He turned into a real estate tycoon and has lost his flair for finding treasures in the rough and fixing them up with Alma’s help. It became more about the money to him, which Alma couldn’t get behind.


And all I want to do is spoil…because it was that good of a story.

I will say that Alma and Harvey keep having run ins, especially when she’s brought in as an expert on Tiffany glass to valuate and guess if the building Harvey is going to tear down is really a historical monument.

What I enjoyed about this was how Harvey kept trying to win her back. He was sweet and sultry and so in love with her. She loved him, just hated what he became. The story had a real romantic flair. The steamy parts weren’t just physical descriptions but had the characters’ own feelings and thoughts brought into the mix…something not too often touched upon in the books I’ve read. Not until afterwards, usually.

This is one I would recommend for the feel of a great love story meets a National Treasure type hunt around the city of Chicago. It was fun and mysterious and just a really good story.

Thanks again, NetGalley and French Kiss Press, for the advanced copy of this one!


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