Review: We Can Be Mended

We Can Be Mended
We Can Be Mended by Veronica Roth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m not sure I can fairly review this book because I <4!

Seriously, Four can do no wrongs. In my opinion.

So this beautiful little book was the best piece of mail I’ve had in a while. By little, I mean it’s a little longer than a standard 4×6 photo and only 33 pages long. But it’s still very much a large story.

my copy

This story picks up five years after the end of Divergent. There is a reunion in Chicago for the remaining characters Allegiant. Evelyn (Four’s mom) and Caleb (Tris’ brother) are there. Ugh. I still have issues with those two. Johanna and Cara are mentioned and have small appearances. Chris and Shauna’s story is updated.

But this is more about Four still missing Tris and Christina missing Will. And how they’re coping with all of the changes since they became free from the social experiments that the Divergent series told. And they’re doing okay.

And I can’t say anything else because it will SPOIL IT! No how much I want to talk about the…

Anyway, this adorable book is worth a read, especially if you LOVED DIVERGENT as much as I did!!! Loved that book series….



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