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Review: Long

Long by B.B. Hamel
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

Oh, I hate putting a book on the DNF shelf (did not finish)…but at that 33% mark, I had to.

The voices of the characters were fun. The way they spoke was friendly and calm and I enjoyed it. What I didn’t enjoy was the constant repetition on what seemed like every page I read. Gibson was a cocky jock and a jerk and so full of himself…And she…(I cannot remember her name right now)…well he liked her but she was annoying…and they kept saying those things just over and over and over. For a few pages, it felt like I had never flipped over to a new page at all.

It got so redundant, I couldn’t get into the story, though I liked the premise…a footballer baby daddy. Also, the language warning…yeah. Take heed in that one. Definitely something I had Captain America admonishing, “LANGUAGE!” in my head often. LoL.

And one tip: When reading this at work, beware of co-workers reading over your shoulder…because they will abscond with your kindle and read it to everyone else in the vicinity. UGH.

I’m not even going to give this stars…I’m just sorry I couldn’t read more.


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Review: After the Rain,

After the Rain,
After the Rain, by Mary J. Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More like three and a half stars for me.

Logan Price is a man with a plan. Until a football career ending injury took those plans away. He skulked back to his tiny Oklahoma hometown and worked at his Dad’s bar, knowing life and football were done. Enter Claire Thornton, a friend of his old QB on the professional Seattle team. She has a masters in physical therapy and wants to help Logan back into the game.

And so is this part of the story. Logan and Claire working towards goals and goals, hoping that their goals will keep them together and not tear them apart.

I enjoyed the story. It’s one of those “right up my alley” romances I adore. But, two things got to me while reading this.

One was the omniscient style of this third person tale. It was like there were no secrets and sometimes it felt like the story wandered because of that. Not only did you have the two main character’s thoughts, you had the minor characters interjecting. It’s really a me thing, here. With what I usually read, I don’t get the whole kit and caboodle. That took some getting used to for me.

The other thing that got to me was the major jump in the timeline. I get there are only so many pages allowed in a book. I understand the story needs to move. But one moment they’re meeting, the next they’re in bed, the next they’re dating. It went so quick, I kept thinking I was daydreaming and missing the story. I felt lost until the story line slowed to a pace I was more accustomed to.

Other than those two things, I enjoyed the overall story. The events and people made it great. I could see this as a movie on the big screen…or Netflix since that’s how things are going these days. Definitely worth a read once you get into the pattern of the tale.


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Review: All the Glory

All the Glory
All the Glory by Elle Casey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

OH this story…so high school and yet so adult.

Not in that way, but with a murder. Yeah, a murder. Committed by tight end all-star of Banner High, Jason Bradley. And this Jason Bradley character had it all: scouts and colleges drooling for his presence on their team, dudes on the team who were more friends than foes, and one of the hottest girlfriends in school.

So why would he murder someone> (take that back) not just someone, the coach of the football team who was also the town hero for his work with children?

That’s what Katherine Mary Magdalina Guckenburger wondered.

She wasn’t the popular girl in school. Nor was she on Jason’s radar…ish…he did call her The Cobstant Gardener. But she wondered what would possess Jason to admit to murdering his coach and throwing away his future.

And so began a story that went a little beyond the typical YA romantic types…No matter how sweet it was. Because the descriptions/reviews stated it was more a murder mystery. That’s kind of what I expected. But I had the mystery figured out by chapter seven. Bummer.

But that wasn’t the only reason for my three stars. The story starts out with Katy explaining that she is the one telling Jason’s story. It doesn’t say why which has your brain thinking of “free man no longer wants to dwell in the past” to “dude’s on death row and is probably not going to make it”.

The overall story was okay. I didn’t like the smart-alecky Katy’s voice constantly changing. One chapter had her smart and sarcastic. Fun. The next had her talking street slang through out…it felt unlike her. Sort of like she was a whole different character at one point. I don’t like to point these things out, but Katy was constantly changing into different people altogether and it bothered me. (Total me thing here.)

And the end. Well, way past it. I understand how characters can stick with you in your mind, heart, and soul way beyond the story. But sometimes the story being told has to end. this one went two chapters (maybe three) beyond where a nice complete ending would be. Maybe they should have been labeled with “epilogue” so it would feel separate and the tale could end nicely.

It’s an okay read. The story idea was fantastic and touched on the atypical high school experiences.

Ah, well…


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Review: Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer
Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I finished this book a few weeks ago in February. It was a good read. But something hasn’t set right in my mind.

It starts with a murder. And a ghost. And Colette Iselin, a teenager whose parents just got divorced and who is about to embark on a trip to Paris, France. Which, Ooo La La. Trés bien. I’ve been flirting with ideas of Paris lately. The story took off soaring between a muder, a ghost, and this angsty trip to Paris with some snotty and not-so-snotty kids. Oh, and a few cute guys (Jules, her tour guide in France), which never hurt a tale.

Anyone that knows me, knows I have a special place in my heart for a good ghost story. It had me right from the start. I enjoyed the beginning. It’s somewhere around the middle that this story lost it’s flair and panache for me. I don’t know if it’s because the murder/ghost chapters were too far apart for my liking. Not enough of them. Because, to me, it was more like a great YA romance story rather than a mystery…

to me anyway. Not that the romance was bad. It was interesting and sweet and had triangles and just a basic couple… Always a great tale, IMO. Except when I’m expecting international intrigue and murder more than love.

Long story short, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the story I had in my mind. This is probably just a “me thing” where I get my mind set on something and wind up a little upset when it doesn’t fit.

I’d rec this if you’re more in the mood for love (and love in PARIS is a win!) rather than something that haunts. Again, it was a good, teen angsty, story that just needed more paranormal instances to make it really shine, IMO.

That and maybe a little epilogue to know what happened to Jules and Colette…

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Reading Theme ~ March 2017.

Last year, I went springtime crazy.

This year I promised myself not to do that. And while strolling through the many, many books on my TBR lists, I thought about touching on a spring cleaning theme because I have a lot of series where I’ve only read a book or two and I need to finish them out.

No, I promise not to go there…
I could focus on the color green, since it is March and doesn’t touch on spring with a word. (Not that much green on book covers, I’ve noticed.)

Or I could read stories about Leprachauns, Lions, and Lambs.

I’m not  a small child and I’ve read the Twilight series plenty of times already.

Then, during the Super Bowl, it hit me. I have a little obsession about Quarterbacks and Tight Ends…and I promise I’m only sticking to football player positions here. I think it was because I was writing on book 4 of my series, Human Touch. One of the MC’s is a quarterback and one of the others is a tight end…while googling for football college info, I realized that my footballers would be starting up spring training on their college team right about…oh…like today. If they were real students at A&M…

Anyway, since I own this random, odd collection of books (mostly romances, mostly on my kindle) (okay, all of them are on my kindle) concerning football players, I thought why not.

Books to tackle this month:

All the Glory by Elle Casey

I am currently almost at the end of this one…just waiting to see if my guess is right.

After the Rain by Mary J Williams

Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett

Long by BB Hamel

Risky Game by Tracy Solheim

Draw Play by Tia Lewis

Sweet Rome series by Tillie Cole

Seems like I’m running back to my old ways of romances only, doesn’t it?

Again, a weakness of mine, since my footballers rest in my mind, heart, and soul since their inception in 2012.

In a way, I kept my theme away from spring, since football is more a late summer/fall/winter sport.
In another, I totally did not keep “spring” from springing up. Ahhh, well…

This month’s theme:

March 2017
Spring Training

What are you all looking at reading this month?


all gifs are from:
all images are screen caps from my kindle app.

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