Review: All the Glory

All the Glory
All the Glory by Elle Casey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

OH this story…so high school and yet so adult.

Not in that way, but with a murder. Yeah, a murder. Committed by tight end all-star of Banner High, Jason Bradley. And this Jason Bradley character had it all: scouts and colleges drooling for his presence on their team, dudes on the team who were more friends than foes, and one of the hottest girlfriends in school.

So why would he murder someone> (take that back) not just someone, the coach of the football team who was also the town hero for his work with children?

That’s what Katherine Mary Magdalina Guckenburger wondered.

She wasn’t the popular girl in school. Nor was she on Jason’s radar…ish…he did call her The Cobstant Gardener. But she wondered what would possess Jason to admit to murdering his coach and throwing away his future.

And so began a story that went a little beyond the typical YA romantic types…No matter how sweet it was. Because the descriptions/reviews stated it was more a murder mystery. That’s kind of what I expected. But I had the mystery figured out by chapter seven. Bummer.

But that wasn’t the only reason for my three stars. The story starts out with Katy explaining that she is the one telling Jason’s story. It doesn’t say why which has your brain thinking of “free man no longer wants to dwell in the past” to “dude’s on death row and is probably not going to make it”.

The overall story was okay. I didn’t like the smart-alecky Katy’s voice constantly changing. One chapter had her smart and sarcastic. Fun. The next had her talking street slang through out…it felt unlike her. Sort of like she was a whole different character at one point. I don’t like to point these things out, but Katy was constantly changing into different people altogether and it bothered me. (Total me thing here.)

And the end. Well, way past it. I understand how characters can stick with you in your mind, heart, and soul way beyond the story. But sometimes the story being told has to end. this one went two chapters (maybe three) beyond where a nice complete ending would be. Maybe they should have been labeled with “epilogue” so it would feel separate and the tale could end nicely.

It’s an okay read. The story idea was fantastic and touched on the atypical high school experiences.

Ah, well…


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