Review: After the Rain,

After the Rain,
After the Rain, by Mary J. Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More like three and a half stars for me.

Logan Price is a man with a plan. Until a football career ending injury took those plans away. He skulked back to his tiny Oklahoma hometown and worked at his Dad’s bar, knowing life and football were done. Enter Claire Thornton, a friend of his old QB on the professional Seattle team. She has a masters in physical therapy and wants to help Logan back into the game.

And so is this part of the story. Logan and Claire working towards goals and goals, hoping that their goals will keep them together and not tear them apart.

I enjoyed the story. It’s one of those “right up my alley” romances I adore. But, two things got to me while reading this.

One was the omniscient style of this third person tale. It was like there were no secrets and sometimes it felt like the story wandered because of that. Not only did you have the two main character’s thoughts, you had the minor characters interjecting. It’s really a me thing, here. With what I usually read, I don’t get the whole kit and caboodle. That took some getting used to for me.

The other thing that got to me was the major jump in the timeline. I get there are only so many pages allowed in a book. I understand the story needs to move. But one moment they’re meeting, the next they’re in bed, the next they’re dating. It went so quick, I kept thinking I was daydreaming and missing the story. I felt lost until the story line slowed to a pace I was more accustomed to.

Other than those two things, I enjoyed the overall story. The events and people made it great. I could see this as a movie on the big screen…or Netflix since that’s how things are going these days. Definitely worth a read once you get into the pattern of the tale.


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