Review: Sweet Rome

Sweet Rome
Sweet Rome by Tillie Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was more a three and a half stars for me…

Let me explain. I liked the original story a lot. I did. And this story mirrors that original in events, things said, but all from Rome’s POV. Which is why three and a half instead of four. It felt like rerun season. Though a few things were covered like his perspective from a few of the MAJOR events that I was desperate to know, it wasn’t enough new for me.

Granted, Rome still falls for Molly. Molly still loves Rome. And that’s what I liked about the original story. And I enjoyed certain events from Rome’s POV, but…IDK…it felt like it had been covered before. Maybe if it was further timeline…sat from before Molly’s arrival to well after… Or maybe his side of the events was different…I could have given it a solid four.

I will say that had I read this one first, it would be a solid four…but then Sweet Home would have been a three and a half. Really, the two stories are interchangeable. You could pick one and read and you’d get the whole story without losing a thing.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but I say pick one or the other unless you are dying to know what happened that time she/he did… Fill in the blanks. Because I am not going to spoil a thing. (Although it came close. I did have to delete a sentence or two.)


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