Editing mode initiated.

Every time I disappear from the interwebs, it’s because of one of three things:

1. Work

2. Writing

Or in this case,

3. Editing

The last one is always the worst. I can’t read anything with joy because I’m too busy scrutinizing word choices, spellings, punctuations. Which is why I have no new reviews as of now. I’m afraid my brain will find errors instead of enjoyment…I couldn’t even read the documents at a work meeting the other day. I found typos, a missing comma or three, an incorrect word usage…wanted to change the vocabulary…

(This gif is multipurpose after all.)

The upside to this mode? Well, my novel Human Touch has been trimmed some. Once upon a time, it hovered around 175,000 words. Yeah. You got it. I did manage to get it down to 135,000-ish. But in Editing Mode...It’s now a more perfect, tolerable 122,000. And that’s with taking out some parts I didn’t want to remove. *heavy sigh* Editing Mode is also helpful in starting the edits on Wide Awake, the next book in the Human Touch series…The goal is to move onto a second/third draft in completion soon. Sorta hoping this lasts until book three is second draft complete, but I would love to get back to reading books… We’ll see how long Editing Mode will be engaged.

What I need to do is a BIO of sorts for #PitchWars. (#pitmad is today!) I need to get some older book reviews tackled. Need to stop being such a fangirl and skipping writing just to see Chris Evans as Cap on the big screen before it officially ends. (Thank you, Marvel10 for this gift!) And enjoy the Peggy and Steve thing… the Bucky and Steve thing…

There’s one remaining. It’s nine months away and approaching fast.

Check-in officially completed as planned. Now I need to shower and head into work for a meeting that I’m leading. Hopefully, it’ll be done in time for me to enjoy more Editing Mode on Wide Awake before the chaos of the evening erupts.

And to those of you who have entered #PitchWars, good luck….


all gifs found on Giphy.com

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