a second chance at a first encounter

Inspiration came from my muse.

Originally written and Illustrated for:
The Sketchbook Project, Fiction Project 2015/2016.

Theme: A message from my future self

Summary: Sometimes, I feel socially awkward and I won’t do something because of it. But what if I’ve missed an opportunity. Or what if I feel like I messed it all up, but the failure is only in my head. This is what I would tell myself.

Notes: There are two parts to this story, the email from the future and the current scenario. The email is in typed strips and should be thought of in terms of a voice over in a film as the current scenario unfolds with real voices and people. The colors are meat to convey the thoughts of the past as she thinks about the potential this experience could have on her.

Links to online/digital version coming soon.
Has already been cataloged into the library’s collection.