DJ Siciliano
Twitter: @storywrtr
Instagram: @storywrtr
email: djsiciliano(dot)storywrtr(at)gmail(dot)com

I began writing seriously in 2009 and rediscovered a new passion. Since, I have written fan fiction (yes, I admit to that), screenplays–both short and feature-length films, numerous novels (series and stand alone), one novella, and countless short stories. Nothing has been published, optioned, nor received an agent to represent it… Yet.

That adventure has only recently begun. That’s why I started this blog. Why I continue to blog, though I’m usually living in jeans and a t-shirt (usually a comic book hero one), Adventure Time or Regular Show socks…sometimes Captain America… while I’m somewhere in my writing cave. I crawl out on occasion to see what’s going on in the world before diving back in for more typing, scribbling or drawing out the tales that compel me to write.

Who knows? Maybe one day, this weird thing I do will pay off and someone other than myself, my BFF, and my most trusted reader will see these tales.

   Stories I’ve Completed  


If Only in My Dreams – rom/com, full length

After the Fact – drama, full length

Ride Along – comedy, full length, not that one, purely coincidental and written well before that one.

Those Games We Play – drama, horror(maybe), short

Go Cougars! – rom/com, full length

Alexander – paranormal romance, full length


Human Touch – YA Contemporary paranormal (ghost) romance, first book in the series

Wide Awake – YA Contemporary paranormal romance, second book in the series

Souls – YA Contemporary paranormal romance, third book in the series

Last Man Standing – NA dystopian, drama

Life Imitating Art – Adult Contemporary, romance, erotic comedy, first book

Life Inspiring Art – Adult contemporary, romance, erotic comedy, second book

Love, Darrows – YA Contemporary Roman/Greek Mythology retelling, LGBTQ, Cupid’s story, first book

Love, Carter – YA Contemporary Roman/Greek Mythology retelling, LGBTQ, Cupid’s story, second book

Sync or Swim – YA Contemporary, LGBTQ, stand alone

Wings – Adult, Contemporary, RomCom, stand alone (not erotica)

   novella/short stories  

Their Story – coming of age tale

Knit – flash fiction, dystopian horror, Deviant Art Flash Fic month

Flickers of Us – romance, short story contest

   fanfiction under the pseudonym – rpfangirljr  

It’s Been Ten Years – drama, romance, Twilight, nominated for a Best Jasper award

The Double Bind – fanfiction, cowritten with ItsJustMe1217, drama, horror, Twilight

Angel Among Men – comedy, Twilight, contest entry

A Major’s Promise – drama, Twilight, contest entry

El Mochilero (The Backpacker) – romance, slash, Twilight, contest entry

Halloween at the Carnival – romance/suspense, Twilight

Misapprehension – romance, slash, cowritten with ItsJustMe1217, Twilight, contest

Ever Since You Left Me – romance, Twilght/100 Monkeys song inspired, contest

This Ain’t My First Rodeo – romance, slash, Twilight, gift for someone

They Called Me Ednerd – YA romance, Twilight, contemporary, coming of age

This One Time – erotic romance, Twilight

The One with the Important Dinner – comedy, Twilight/Friends, contest,
Second Place Judges Winner

Untitled – romance, slash, crossover Twilight/Fright Night

Booty, Property of Edward Cullen – romcom, Twilight/Pirates of the Carribbean

Bananas – erotic comedy, Twilight, written for a birthday gift

Fanfiction – under the name storywrtr

“Hey, 6B.” – Adult RomCom, LGBTQ, slash, crossover: What’s Your Number?/Captain America/Avengers

Cap to the Future – Coming soon, crossover: Captain America/Agent Carter/Back to the Future