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#PitchWars is here!

I’M SO F#$<*&@ NERVOUS!!!!

Sorry, Cap.

Anyway, as I’m sitting and deciding on whether I’ve chosen the right mentors for my story…
Should I really submit the revamped Darrows? Because it is somewhat a repeat.
Who should I really submit to? Because they can help make me or break me right now.
Is every single person who read that story being sugary and fluffy with their praises or are they being so-very-true blue?

I just now–like literally right this second–remembered that I hadn’t even done a #PitchWars Bio for this year. Not that much has changed since last year. I’m still writing and unpubbed, except now I’m also serving up coffee and talking to everyone under the sun at my coffee-house job…

The story I’m submitting:

Love, Darrows

This is the retelling of the whole Cupid tale from myths of yore. And I say it like that because most people think of Cupid as being Greek myth, but he started out in Roman myth circles. Which my story touches on both here and there. The twist to my Cupid tale is the fact that my Cupid is gay. Plus, there is a Psyche (the original Cupid’s love) but I’ve included the other erotes and Greek/Roman myth characters and stories to create a modern-day, high school Cupid with his own unique story and personality. Quentin Darrows is seventeen–a poetic little $#!+, too–and in love with his best friend who loves to date anyone, male and female alike. And this poor Cupid is just trying to cope with it all.

(Quentin is going to kill me for using this Cupid image. He really doesn’t like babies in diapers being Cupid.)

Love, Darrows is a modern take on a Cupid who can’t control his own love life with his phone app arrows, so he fights for his boyfriend, Lex, in any way he can. The story I am submitting it part one and part two, Love, Carter, completes the tale.

What I am ready to do:

I am ready to rip this baby apart if I have to. I want to learn and make QUENTIN THE BEST DERN CUPID ever! I want to get his story out there and into the world. Give him the wings to fly because I know when he does, he’ll fly far! I’m ready to work hard and absorb all the advice a mentor wants to give. Be harsh with me, because I need the honesty to get my story living. I’ll stay up all night. Work all day, except when I’m working, and even then I’d be working on Darrows.

I just look forward to having new eyes and new thoughts on something that’s been with me for years.


What I typically write:

Usually my stories fall into a million different categories. Well, except for my NYC-RomComs. I write adult and YA. I usually go contemporary with my tales, though I’ve been in and out and twisted around almost every genre out there–Paranormal, supernatural, retellings, rom coms, myths, knights and princesses, angels and demons, ghosts, dystopians, mystery, space, and superheroes[ish]–with the exception of horror.

What I read:

I like almost any kind of story. Romances tend to be in my top picks (most recently Mónica B. Wagner’s Frosh series and Rachel Van Dyken’s The Matchmaker’s Playbook series). I love a good non-romantic series (see the Lunar Chronicles and Divergent). Graphic novels–Scott Pilgrim, Agent Carter, Spider-Gwen, and Ms. Marvel are among the tops ones I read.

Well…I just love a really good book I don’t want to put down but then I regret when I finish reading because I want to keep those characters and events with me forever.

Favorite Movies/TV/Netflix/Hulu

In other words, random stuff that has nothing to do with writing, yet has somehow inspired me in so many ways.

Anything Chris Evans, my favorite being What’s Your Number?

And Scott Pilgrim…

I like Captain America, The Avengers, Underoos (aka Spider-man), Back to the Future, Star Wars (Han Solo), Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Rec, The Office, Rick and Morty, Supernatural, Brooklyn-9-9, Stranger Things, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Friends from College, iZombie, Game of Thrones…


…Westworld, you name it and I’ve probably watched it. Almost anything you can find at a Comic Con panel or that will make me laugh. Or sigh. Or go awww, or even just…

Random things about me:

I am becoming a polyglot.

I speak American natively, and I have many years of Spanish under my belt. Recently, I started learning French, Norwegian, and Japanese. (I have plans for Swedish and Italian in the future.) I can already label some items and ask questions in French and Norwegian. I also can recognize a lot of Hiragana on packages (and read a few things) when I’m shopping at Daiso–Japan’s answer to the dollar store.

Daiso is one of my favorite places to go.

I have a growing collection of Funko figures. Mostly Captain Americas. The first one I owned  was Han Solo I found back in 2011/2012. Then Marty McFly and Doc. Then Chewbacca. Then when Cap came out…and so on and so on…

Recently, I used a plastic Coca-cola crate and turned it into a shelf for my Toby Stanks (yes, I did that on purpose. #TeamCap #SorryNotSorry) and Underoos Funko figures on the other side of the room from Cap and me.

I like photoshopping photos into looking like a comic or something someone drew. (This is one I did for a coffee project at work.)

I am allergic to sulfites, meaning that virtually everything I eat will make me sick–including my beloved fruits and veggies. I was never vegetarian but I really don’t like meat especially without ketchup or a sauce or seasoning.
The only thing I like without that stuff is the Flying Dutchman from In-N-Out. So I’m there a few days a week.

Despite my allergies and my body’s inability to handle food properly, I have managed to lose almost 100 pounds…which is a great feat, IMO. It’s still a work in progress, though.

I always wanted a Captain America sweater, but when I couldn’t find one that not everyone else would have, I looked up knitting patterns and figured out how to knit my own…It’s a great comfy sweater perfect for reading and rainy, cold days.

I like to draw.

I now draw the boards for my store.

this isn’t the best one, but it is the most recent.


L’il Sebastian. Because…


And…well…if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a HUGE fan of Chris Evans. He has the BEST SOUL anyone could own.
Everyone at work picks on me, a lot of people roll their eyes, but I will defend him/that fact to the death.


Why? Because it always reminds me that when things look bleak, when you’re feeling down, when all looks lost in the world, keep fighting, keep hoping, keep working and you will come out of it a better person and hopefully on top of it all.

I plan on staring at this one a lot in the coming weeks when the mentor/mentee teams are announced. (And hopefully long after as I’m readying Darrows with my mentor’s help.)

Well, it’s time…

Time to begin. Isn’t it? (sorry, channeling Imagine Dragons there) Time to get those mentors listed and get Darrows into the mix.

*deep breath*

Thanks for taking the time to read. And sorry about the fangirly me. (not too sorry, though. it is who I am.)



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all images are mine.


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Reading in Themes.

I know I am one of millions (probably) who has a TBR list that is both daunting and exhausting.  I read one book, I’ve added ten more to that list. When it comes time to choose the next read, I wind up flipping through pages and pages of books on my e-readers and/or digging on my shelves for what’s next. And most of the time, I wind up picking something that’s not even there yet.

It all started at the beginning of:

I was stuck for something to read. I wanted to read a hundred and one books and couldn’t whittle it down to the magical one. Did I want Romance or Dystopia? YA or Adult in some form? Did I want to start that new series I just got or finish out an old series that I love? No, no, yes, wait!!! I like that cover! Oh, that premise is really cute.

I wasted a week looking for a read.

And one day, it dawned on me. What I need is a monthly/seasonal theme. Then my choices of what to read are cut way down and I can choose a book much easier.

Last summer’s reading theme:

Under that, I spent my summer finishing out a few series I loved, starting a whole new series I’ve been wanting to read for a while, and possibly acquiring a series or two I had heard great things about. If the book wasn’t in a series, I could add it to my TBR. I could buy it. But I wouldn’t read it. The system worked great. I finished out quite a few series, finally. I found a few more series I could love. And I started one more that I like, but I have to wait for the next book to come out to really finish it.

Since it worked great, I went straight into another theme:

That one was tougher to do than I thought it would be. I actually blogged about not being able to find what I wanted in the category. But of the ones I did find, I read and adored. Another successful month of a few choices to read and books I actually read. (Another five whittled off my list!)

Current Theme for October:

wish I could have found a Captain America or Marvel cosplay gif…

Under that theme, I’ve read stories/graphic novels of things people would CosPlay or dress up as for Halloween. I’m also pulling out a few scary books that I’ve put off reading for years. This year’s Horror: The Shining. Last I left that book, about a decade ago, I was less than halfway through and creeped out.

It went in that proverbial Freezer. (Currently 72% complete! Yay me! Even if I am thoroughly scared to pieces a lot of the time I’m reading.)  *deep breath* I plan on finishing. I’m not sure if I’ll get time to start its sequel, Doctor Sleep. It’s probably for the best if that one can wait for a while…

Good news is, I’m already plotting next month’s theme, narrowing my TBR list down even more.


I have four of the books planned–two for Back to the Future (We Don’t Need Roads & BTTF The Visual History), The Wes Anderson Collection, Michael J Fox’s book, and As You Wish by Cary Elwes about The Princess Bride. I could toss in that Twilight book I never read (the one similar to the BTTF Visual History book) and if that Mocking Jay “making of” book comes out…I’m in!

I’m glad to have found a system for deciding on books. It’s working. The real beauty of this system? I don’t even have to stick to it. (I stuck another RomCom in the middle of this month because I really wanted to read it!) It’s purely okay to wander. The real test of this system will come next summer. Is it another SERIES time or will I opt for something else? Time will tell.

Anyone else have some TBR list cleaning tips? Suggestions for themes?

Happy Reading!



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Great Scott!

the Marty McFly print is from CC2015.

Today, at 4:27 pm (Pacific), Marty McFly will arrive in the future Hill Valley! And by tonight, every single moment of Back to the Future (all of them) will be in the past. Sorta sad about that.

Jennifer  is about to find out she got married in The Chapel O’ Love…which she can’t complain, she married Marty McFly!!!

My fangirl heart is going insane!!!
I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive since I first watched BTTF2 in November 1989.

So, how are you spending this day? Doing nothing as it doesn’t matter? Going all out fangirl? Hoping to help Elijah Wood ace the standing Atari arcade game, Wild Gunman? Okay, if you wanna celebrate and are stuck for something to do, here are some suggestions:

watch JAWS 19 ◄|||

Okay, so we don’t have Jaws 19. And though holographic movies aren’t the norm, movies in 3D seem to come out every week. So that prediction is half true.

Take a ride in a Hover Car ◄|||

Not a real thing. Sorta really bummed about that one.

Oh, hit the ramps with a Hoverboard ◄|||

Well, they do exist in a way. Mattel put out one a few years ago, but there was no hover magic to it. And the real ones can only be used on one specific surface. Which is great if you live near that.

Try on the auto-lace NIKES ◄|||

You can try on NIKES that look similar, but you gotta tie them yourself.

Lego Fun ◄|||

SO what if you have to use your hands. I don’t think it’s a baby toy.

“Stop with the face, Marty. I promise you won’t be an A-hole…it’s your kids.” – Doc Brown

(DeLorean hits 88 mph in the skies over Hill Valley. Sparks fly. They almost hit a plane. The DeLorean lands in an alley way in downtown Hill Valley 2015.)

“Wow…The future, Doc. This is heavy.” -Marty

Don’t forget to change out your license plates to the newer versions ◄|||

You can always celebrate by reading a book today. ◄|||

Or watch a movie or three◄|||

Umm… Ignore Star Wars. The trailer came out for that and I need an a-thon soon…it wound up in today’s mix.
And yes, I am including Teen Wolf in the mix for BTTF. Because if BTTF hadn’t become popular like it did, Teen Wolf would still be sitting in a can in some movie studio’s archives, never having seen the light of day. (Oooo..Another Michael J Fox move, Light of Day. With Joan Jett. Sorry, fangirl knowledge interrupts often.)

Throwback Wednesday:

To the time one of the actual DeLoreans was at Comic Con!!! ◄|||

The Flux Capacitor was not fluxing that day.

The time circuits weren’t on either, but a few of the other dash equipment was still up to par.

Marty’s old board from BTTF. The camcorder that recorded history. The DeLorean’s remote control.

Or order a Pepsi Perfect and enjoy some spoofy BTTF all in the name of fun! ◄|||

SNL BTTF Auditions part one and two

No matter how you spend this day, just make it a happy one. I think that’s rule one in BTTF.
*looks at Doc Brown* Enjoy life and live it to it’s fullest.
*looks at Marty McFly* Rule 2: You can do anything you set your mind to.

Even if it’s getting published. Right, George McFly?
And, Shelly, kiTT…You both know Nikki is dragging McClane and Jaden out to the theatres tonight to watch BTTF on the big screen.
I know I am with the Teams!


Somewhere on her desk…Captain America stands, leery eyed as he watches Doc and Marty. Ready to act if need be.

Cap’s thinking: She never takes them out of the box. Never. Though she should. If they don’t get to live free and enjoy their bobblehead lives, they’ll become like Stinky Pete and take us all out. Doc Brown is already giving me that gosh darn “Go to heck” expression. I should warn him about  his language, but I know I am Target-One since she lets me run free all the time.

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